Book Feature: Uprooting the Poison Tree by Myra Weiner

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Uprooting the Poison Tree is an inspiring memoir about finding joy and peace by Myra Weiner, Ph.D.

Our journey in life is filled with many challenges and trials. Sometimes, these obstacles are so overwhelming that they change our lives forever. These traumatic experiences bring us not only sadness but also anxiety, doubts, anger, and regrets. Some people need to seek answers and meaning in all of this to heal and move on. Although healing and transition are never easy, and they may take years before one finds closure, they are essential in finding purpose and fulfillment in life. Today, we will feature a book written by someone who has endured many of life’s curveballs. Uprooting the Poison Tree by Myra Weiner is an inspiring story of one woman’s search and journey of finding antidotes to a toxic past.

Uprooting the Poison Tree by Myra Weiner

Uprooting the Poison Tree is a 2019 memoir by Myra L. Weiner, Ph.D. The 398-page book detail Weiner’s inspiring journey from surviving life’s many challenges to seeking life’s meaning and eventually finding joy and peace in life. Despite the storms she encountered, Myra L. Weiner is able to turn them into a beautifully woven life story. Uprooting the Poison Tree is not your average memoir. In this book, Weiner also shares her passion for nature and science and how they form an integral part of her journey, navigating through tough times in her life. She also highlights her Jewish find and how spiritual connections play a vital role in our life, especially in moments of trials and self-doubt.

“In Uprooting The Poison Tree, the author traces her journey from a young girl fascinated with nature and biology to a mature woman who has fulfilled her dreams professionally and personally. She showcases her perseverance in seeking a doctorate in pharmacology from a medical school at a time when a woman’s role was seen as mother and homemaker not a professional. Her path leads to a successful career as a corporate toxicologist for a large chemical company. Throughout, she uses carefully chosen poisons as metaphors for some of her “toxic” experiences, including a mentally ill sister, a father who was both a mentor and abuser and a judgmental mother. She finds emotional “antidotes” to overcome each obstacle, including observance of the Jewish faith and its spirituality.

This book will inspire those interested in science, those who have had abusive or unrewarding relationships, women in male-dominated professions, those seeking spiritual connections and meaning in religious practices, and those trying to find a soulmate later in life.” (book description)

Overall, Myra Weiner’s Uprooting the Poison Tree is an outstanding inspirational read consisting of science and spirituality. There have been many inspirational memoirs, but most choose to lean more on emotions and personal faith. Uprooting the Poison Tree offers a fresh perspective unlike any other memoirs about sadness, grief, and losses. It is light, easy to absorb, and genuinely interesting. It offers a different meaning on the word “resilience.” Myra Weiner’s masterpiece is a must-read book.

About Myra L. Weiner, PhD

Myra L. Weiner was born in Brooklyn, New York but grew up spending time in many places, including Princeton, NJ, Washington, DC, Akron, Ohio, State College, PA, and Massapequa Park, NY. After high school, Myra attended Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, from 1962 to 1966 (B.A. Biology, Chemistry). She then went to the State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center, to obtain her Ph.D. (1966- 1971). Myra Weiner has three children and two grandchildren. Her hobbies include writing, travel, quilting, photography, reading, Jewish study, enjoying the outdoors.

To know more about Myra Weiner and her book, you can purchase a copy or visit her website today.


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