Book Feature: Treats & Tales by Rotha J. Dawkins

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Dogs have accompanied humans for thousands of years, and Treats & Tales shares with its readers the heartwarming stories of Lil’ Red and Friends.

Author with multiple genres, Rotha J. Dawkins, has written a book that tells the captivating story of adventure, being on the run, and somewhat of a “coming of age” tale. Readers will have fun tagging along with Lil’ Red and clinging to the book until the last page.

Today, we’ll look deeper into what readers can expect, find out if it is worth reading, and what the book is about. Now, let’s look at what Lil’ Red and Friends is up to!

What Can Readers Expect from the Book?

Readers can expect to be entertained by the shenanigans of Lil’ Red and her merry band of doggy friends. The captivating stories and reader-friendly guides in Treats & Tales will undoubtedly capture every reader’s heart. In the book, readers can listen to Lil’ Red’s conversation with her friends as if they were listening to a couple of humans having great fun.

Those reading closely to Lil’ Red and her friends’ antics will be treated to a wild adventure as the group searches for ways to survive. Ultimately, the book is a fun learning experience for kids of any age and background. Once individuals are done reading Rotha J. Dawkins’ heartwarming tales, they will find a brand new admiration for pets.

Having written a book focused on firefighting, Ms. Dawkins has spent some time with firefighters. Thomasville firefighters were fortunate enough to see the author’s pet, Peppermint, in person. They jokingly remarked, “If there is such a thing as reincarnation, let me come back as Rotha’s dog.”

Is Treats & Tales Worth Any Reader’s Time?

Treats & Tales is a compelling story worth any kid’s time. While adults will undoubtedly find the book cute (with its stories and images of the author’s pets), they might not see it as stimulating. But don’t worry because Rotha J. Dawkins is an author with multiple genres, and her book titled On Call is more fitting for more mature audiences.

Back to Treats & Tales also has a bit of interactivity thanks to the recipes and how-to-patterns found in it. The author and her team have placed illustrations, photos, and drawings in them. Children will indeed have a fantastic time reading and engaging with the book.

What’s most noteworthy is that the author took the time to put her heart and soul into the book. The humor, heartwarming story, and adventures are all carefully typed into the book pages with love. Readers will find all the time spent on this book worth it.

What is Rotha J. Dawkins’ Book All About?

Pets are essential to a family’s household. Treats & Tales is all about our pets and what they could be betting themselves into. Of course, the story here is a bit exaggerated (for story purposes), but all the characteristics commonly found in pets exist.

Take Lil’ Red, for example. She’s a Dachshund and is intelligent, adventurous, and can be a bit naughty occasionally. These characteristics are present in real-life Dachshund dog breeds, intelligent, adventurous, and sometimes mischievous.

With that said, the book takes readers to the adventures that Lil’ Red and her friends are having as they do their best to survive. Sharing an excellent pet story is what the author aimed for with Treats & Tales, and she achieved it brilliantly. Both parents and children will have a great time with this book.

And so, we encourage everyone to grab a copy of Treats & Tales to share with children, or so they can enjoy the book. Visit Rotha J. Dawkins’, author with multiple genres, by clicking here to orderTreats & Tales or On Call today!


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