Book Feature: The Poppies on the Hill by Ted Landkammer

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The Poppies on the Hill by Ted Landkammer is a heartwarming tale of cross-generational friendship.

Friendship for children is something that is exciting and difficult at the same time. It is one of the most important part of childhood. There can be no underestimating the importance of childhood friendships. Hence, young readers are in for a sweet tale of what it means to have genuine company with someone of a different age in The Poppies on the Hill by Landkammer.

The Poppies on the Hill

Emerging author Ted Landkammer debuts an interesting picture book titled The Poppies on the Hill, a story that focuses on intergenerational friendship and neighborly love. It celebrates the friendship that can be formed between young children and their elderly neighbors and relatives.

The story revolves around Sarah, Joey, and Mrs. Brannigan, their sweet old neighbor who loves spring and poppies. She has always been good friends to kids in the neighborhood—giving chocoloate cookies to children each day. The plot comes to a pinnacle when the sweet Mrs. Brannigan stopped coming outside, and that’s when the two kids decided to check on her and found out that she is sick. And that was the start of a blooming friendship.

This book focuses on how a child develops empathy to older people who requires help. This appropriately paced story captures the beauty of a developing friendship of two people. The writing style is colloquially simple suited for a young reader, with an even blend of dialogue and evocative descriptive narrative. This book really highlights the joys of intergenerational friendships and models how kids can learn from much older people.

Moreover, the picture book tenderly addresses human life cycles and unlikely friendship. While some friendships will have a built-in “age consideration,” a friendship between equals recognizes that age is simply a number; this is what the author we believe the author conveys in the narrative. He also did a great job of putting into words and pictures all the things that make a friendship special.

The Poppies on the Hill seems deceptively simple at the start, yet Ted Landkammer packs a lifetime’s worth of hilarity and heartbreak into this short read. An inspiring affirmation of love for life and acceptance of people for their essence and individual wisdom. The book is bittersweet, tender, and almost certain to elicit a deep emotion within. It also teaches children about the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, while instilling in them a sense of respect and love for the elderly. This book is an excellent way to broach the subject of impairments sometimes experienced by the elderly and it puts a hopeful spin on the subject so that kids feels ready to help rather than afraid of the unknown.

The illustrations, awash in somewhat nostalgic in styling, complement the narrative and successfully transports young readers to a lush poppy field brimming with life.

The Popppies on the Hill is a clever and cozy tribute to the special bond between a child and an elderly person or maybe a grandparent. A charming debut that will have readers touched and crying, feeling new sympathy for older people and their struggles as they grow older. This story is packed with solid messages and strong themes. Celebrate friendships with this book.

About the Author

Ted Landkammer is a father of three and a grandfather of six amazing grandchildren. For the last thirty years, he has been sharing and narrating stories his kids and now his grandchildren. All of which are great stories to remember. Today, he channels his talent for storytelling through sharing The Poppies on the Hill to other children. All his stories have plenty to give, its unconditional love! All his stories and wisdom are told with good intentions, leaving crumbs of valuable advice that any child will bring with them till their adulthood.


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