Book Feature: The No Blaming Zone by Dr. Neil Farber

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ReadersMagnet features Dr. Neil Farber’s book on self-improvement and positive psychology.

There are tons of self-help books out there, but the ones that center on positive psychology and self-improvement are most effective. Today, we will feature a book by one of today’s most relevant authors in the field of psychology and positive thinking. ReadersMagnet features Dr. Neil Farber’s book on self-improvement and positive psychology, The No Blaming Zone.

In March 2015, Dr.Neil Farber published another remarkable self-help guide book entitled The No Blaming Zone.

 The 132-page book highlights acknowledgment and taking responsibility as the first step to finding success.

Dr. Farber’s The No Blaming Zone is a non-fiction fable featuring the pitfalls and natural consequences of blaming. It also recognizes the importance of positive and productive outcomes when you decide to be accountable for your decisions, thoughts, words, actions, and reactions. 

In his book, Dr. Neil Farber shares valuable inputs and essential lessons from his Blame Game book along with some of the recipes from his other book, Making Lemonade. The No Blaming Zone is an excellent tool in pursuing positive changes, better relationships, and the power to see that all are possible through the simple act of taking responsibility.

What makes Dr. Neil Farber’s book on self-improvement and positive outlook is that it is easy to read and comprehend. With only one hundred and thirty-two pages, Dr. Fraber provides a delightful and entertaining read that is concise, incisive, and inspirational.

“The No Blaming Zone is an inspiring allegorical story of empowerment through responsibility. You will be motivated to use the practical tools for a path to thriving.”

Since its release more than five years ago, Dr. Neil Farber’s books have been empowering many people and helping them gain new perspectives on how they deal with society, communities, work, and above all, personal relationships.

Other published books by Dr. Neil Farber

Aside from The No Blaming Zone, Dr. Neil Farber authored several other self-help books. Below are the published books by Dr. Neil Farber.

  • Making Lemonade: 101 Recipes to Convert Negatives into Positives (2013)

“Here’s a recipe for you: Take a full bowl of scientific evidence, add plenty of common sense to make it digestible, and then mix it with lemonade to sweeten it even more. 

What you get is this delicious book that can provide bite-size advice for all those interested in savoring life.”

Blame Game: The Complete Guide to Blaming: How to Play and How to Quit  (2014) “This funny, well-intentioned book is right on when it comes to human behavior. Read it, learn from it, and apply it to your life and you will never again pass the buck so easily.”

  • Throw Away Your Vision Board: The Truth about the Law of Attraction (2016)

“Are you like so many people who have tried unsuccessfully to attain your goals with a vision board? Vision boards are based on the so-called law of attraction; like always attracts like. As in the book, The Secret, the universe will deliver it to you if you think it and live it. Unfortunately, the law of attraction does not work 99.9% of the time.”

About Dr.Neil Farber

Dr. Neil Farber was born in Canada and later immigrated to the United States. Dr. Farber graduated summa cum laude with a BS degree in Psychology and Phi Beta Kappa from the Honors College at Arizona State University. His academic achievements also include four doctorate degrees as a physician (MD) and PhDs in Pharmacology, Religious Studies, and Metaphysics. 

Dr. Farber served as Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Anesthesiology, and Pediatrics at a medical school. He is also a Psychology Professor at a major university. 

Dr. Neil Farber serves in several national committees dealing with wellness and professional Issues and the International Positive Psychology Association. As an author, he has produces 150 scientific abstracts and articles and several self-help books. Dr. Farber also writes for the prominent magazine Psychology Today.

To know more about Dr. Neil Farber and his works, you can visit his website today. You can also get a copy of his books through his website and on Amazon.


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