Book Feature: The Dictator’s Revenge by Paul Shemella

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The Dictator’s Revenge is the third book of The Jungle Rules Trilogy by Paul Shemella and delves deep into the past of Carl Malinowski.

The Jungle Rules Trilogy is one of the most explosive action-thriller released in recent years. Paul Shemella, a retired Navy Seal with experiences in planning and executing Special Operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, has done an excellent job of giving us well-written characters and story plots that reflect certain political realities.

In the past, we have featured articles about Paul Shemella’s works, particularly the first two installments of the trilogy. Today, ReadersMagnet takes a close look at the latest book from Paul Shemella.

Books Three: The Dictator’s Revenge

The Dictator’s Revenge by Paul Shemella is the third book from the Jungle Rules Trilogy, which also features The Jungle Rules (2018) and its sequel, A More Perfect Union (2020). The expected date for the book’s release is June 2021. Unlike the two previous books, The Dictator’s Revenge is not a sequel but a prequel to the first book, The Jungle Rules.

The Dictator’s Revenge takes us to the pre-mercenary days of Carl Malinowski and his team. Paul Shemella once again introduces us to Malinowski, Jerry, Jose, and Billy Joe, four highly trained and effective Navy SEALS. The three are also Malinowski’s most trusted teammates, as readers will learn in two other books. The story involves the kidnapping of a Panamanian Canal pilot. Canal pilots are crucial in the operation of the Panama Canal.

The protagonists also learn that the kidnapping is just a small part of one man’s sinister plan to destroy the Panama Canal and cripple the county’s economy. Together with his trusted comrades and under CIA command, Carl Malinowski goes on a mission to recover the valuable prisoner. Carrying with them the million-dollar ransom, the team must navigate a remote island in the Gulf of Panama to execute the exchange.

After a gunfight breaks out, leaving the pilot wounded, the team finally caught up with the hostiles only to learn that there’s more to the kidnapping than the million-dollar ransom.

In the summer of 1993, Manuel Noriega sits in a Florida prison, plotting his revenge for the American invasion of Panama more than three years earlier. He offers a large portion of his numbered bank account to the ruthless leader of his favorite drug cartel. The “contract” calls for the destruction of the Panama Canal, the lifeblood of Noriega’s homeland and jewel of American engineering. A Panama Canal pilot is kidnapped. The government turns to the US for help, and the mission is given to LDCR Carl Malinowski, a Spanish-speaking Navy SEAL who helped send Noriega to prison. Carl and his men soon discover that the kidnapping is just the beginning of an opaque and complex plot, a web of intrigue where nothing is rational or predictable. As the conspiracy unfolds, Carl demonstrates strategic and tactical brilliance at every turn. Ana Maria Castaneda, his Panamanian police partner, and future wife, become an unexpected hero. Despite their desperate efforts, the former dictator’s revenge is about to ruin the country he once ruled… and rock the maritime world.

Just like the other books in the Jungle Rules trilogy, Paul Shemella’s The Dictator’s Revenge is a fast-paced, high-octane action-thriller that fans will genuinely enjoy. The Manuel Noriega affair provides a perfect backstory for our favorite Navy SEAL and his teammates. Here, we see the same highly-skilled military man who used to have faith and trust in his government. We get to see the camaraderie and brotherhood that these four gentlemen had built over their time as Navy SEALS before they were recruited as CIA’s mercenaries. The Dictator’s Revenge is a must-read for fans of Jungle Rules and the trilogy as a whole.

About Paul Shemella

Paul Shemella is a retired Captain (USN), Navy SEAL, and longtime lecturer on terrorism, civil-military relations, and maritime security.

As a naval officer, he planned and executed Special Operations in various parts of the world, including Europe, The Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

As a lecturer, Shemella designed and delivered seminars and workshops on civil-military responses to national security threats across the globe.

As an author, Paul Shemella has published groundbreaking books on terrorism, maritime security, and African governance. After his retirement, he also released action thrillers. The most popular is The Jungle Rules. Paul Shemella lives with his wife in Carmel Valley, California. 


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