Book Feature: The Adventures of Cammy Lambie by Mara-lee Stricker

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ReadersMagnet features The Adventures of Cammy Lambie, a children’s illustrated book by Mara-Lee Stricker.

Parents are the children’s first teachers. From the Alphabet to numbers, parents are expected to be the first ones to introduce basic knowledge to their offspring. Values formation also begins at home, and more often than not, parents are also the first teachers when it comes to faith and religion. Introducing God, religion, and the concept of the Church may not be that easy. Catechism or instructing people about the principles of the Christian religion may not appeal to all children. It takes creativity and a different approach if we want to teach young minds the ways of the Church. Today, we will feature a book that is designed to help parents introduce their children to Christianity.

The Adventures of Cammy Lambie by Mara-lee Stricker

The Adventures of Cammy Lambie in The Place of the Big Blue Sky is a children’s illustrated book by Mara-lee Stricker. Published in 2015, the book contains forty-two pages designed to help parents catechize their Children and introduce them to God and the Christian doctrine. It features the adventures of a young lamb named Cammy. He lives with his twin brother, Sammy, his mother Ewe, and Granny Lambie. Mother Ewe is a subtle representation of Jesus and his caring and nurturing personality.

Mara-lee’s book presents several everyday adventures for Cammy that reflect our own journey as Christians and children of God. The Adventures of Cammy Lambie is meant so that children will better understand God, Jesus, and our relationship with them. The book is filled with colorful illustrations and beautiful scenes that children will surely enjoy reading over and over again.

Your Child will join Cammy Lambie in one full day of this little ram lamb’s new life. He and his twin, Sammy, will be taught biblical principles by Mother Ewe and Grammy Lambie as they ask and learn through catechism topics. Whether tasting clover for the first time or spying on a predator, there will always be something new in Shepherd’s sprawling pastures. (book description)

The Adventures of Cammy Lambie in The Place of the Big Blue Sky is a fantastic guidebook and a perfect learning material for catechism. It offers refreshing narratives that are efficient tools for introducing kids to faith and religion and modern children’s literature. They provide children with entertainment while learning more about Jesus and the Christian faith. 

Mara-lee Stricker’s The Adventures of Cammy Lambie in The Place of the Big Blue Sky has earned praises from parents and teachers, with one pastor acknowledging the impact of this remarkable children’s book:

“Mara-lee has given us a tremendous gift. Christians throughout history have systematically taught the faith to their children. This practice of systematic training in a catechism has become largely neglected by the Church in the last generation. Mara-lee’s hope is to bridge the gap between the old ways of training our kids up in solid doctrine, allowing them to wrestle with the deep things of God, and modern children’s storytelling. I hope many find her work to be a blessing to the spiritual life of their children and a warm treasure in their home during the intimate times as the family gathers.” -Pastor Jeff Durbin

Mara-lee Stricker Biography

Mara-lee Stricker was born in New York State. When she got married and had six children, she raised them in North Carolina. Mara-lee Stricker moved to Arizona and has come to call it her home. In 2012, Stricker became a grandmother. Today, she has four grandsons whom she profoundly adores. At the opening of her book, the readers will notice a symbolism that refers to Stricker’s grandsons. Mara-lee’s interests and hobbies include painting, sketching, sewing, and writing songs. Stricker also plays the guitar. Mara-lee Stricker has woven through seasons in her life. Working on her book The Adventures of Cammy Lambie has undoubtedly brought joy to her.


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