Book Feature: The Abba Tradition by Michael Hattwick

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Author Michael Hattwick attempts to help people find meaning in their lives through his devised concepts of The Ladder of Consciousness and The Tree of Life in his book, The Abba Tradition.

If someone asks you, “What is life?” how would you answer?

More often than not, anybody would find it difficult to answer this seemingly simple question. Life is a single word carrying a massive value and is difficult to truly understand.

It’s a very obscure yet profound concept that it’s challenging to encapsulate its very essence in a few words or so. What life signifies to one person can be entirely different to another. Hence, finding a single universal definition of what it truly is is difficult. However, rather than reducing it to a specific definition or explanation, others believe that life is a reality that must be experienced for it to be understood. Life is all about finding one’s purpose. People live through their days in hopes that one day, they may have found their purpose. But this, in itself, is a very challenging thing to accomplish.

Nobody can ever accurately recognize when they’ve found their life’s purpose. People constantly strive to look for more in their lives without realizing they’ve actualized who they’re meant to be.

Life Purpose through Religion

People determine and achieve their life’s purpose through various means. Some focus on standing out in their jobs, feeling a sense of fulfillment whenever they reach career milestones. At the same time, others concentrate on helping children or having a healthy relationship with their family or friends, finding happiness in these connections instead.

The thing is, purpose is unique to every individual, thus making it quite challenging to identify.

But author Michael Hattwick relieves this matter through his book, The Abba Tradition. Written around the mystical and spiritual practices within western religions and cultures, the book aims to guide its readers to actualize who they’re meant to be. Hattwick came up with his book by combining the Hebrew names: Aziluth, Beriah, Barakah, and Assiah – the four worlds which stand for the physical, psychological, transpersonal, and transcendent realities of life. According to his book and the Abba Vision he conjured with it, life is best experienced by seeing and living through these realities, each contributing meaning to people’s lives.

Physical Reality is about honoring the physical world around everyone. This physical world shouldn’t be seen as separate from the others. Instead, it should stand as a mirror and map of the rest.

Psychological Reality deals with one’s awareness of reality and their perception of themselves. This marks the separation of individuals and their experiences. One’s psychological reality is special and unique, such that nobody else can experience it but them.

Transpersonal Reality conveys one’s spiritual awakening. This is the transpersonal and non-physical reality people share with each other such as the spiritual world and the heavens. After going through the unique experience in the psychological reality, this transpersonal experience is shared with the other conscious beings.

Transcendent Reality, in its name, transcends the three previous worlds as the highest of the four worlds. This reality provides the direction and structure of the other worlds, creating and ordering everything that exists.

By going through these four realities, individuals are guided to the ladder of consciousness and the tree of life, or what Hattwick calls the journey to self-realization. The Abba Tradition and the concepts involved in it are profound subjects that would require one to read the book thoroughly.

The Mind Behind It

The author behind this intricate ideology isn’t someone you’d be expecting to write about such a deep discussion. Despite being a physician and involved in organizations built around science, Michael Hattwick has been studying and teaching spiritual tradition for years. With his years of spiritual experience, he was able to publish a book about tackling life through the lens of religion. His journey to materializing this book wasn’t at all easy. He sacrificed a lot of his time and poured a lot of effort into teaching himself Greek and Hebrew to be able to read the New and Old Testaments to gain knowledge in support of his book.

If you wish to learn about Hattwick’s interesting and complex Abba Tradition, you can read more about it on his website: or purchase his book on Amazon.


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