Book Feature: The 72 Hour Authentication of the Christ by Kelly Don Ford

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The 72 Hour Authentication of the Christ by Kelly Don Ford is a theological analysis and scriptural detective work. 

A theological analysis is about tracing the history of ideas about God and other biblical concepts, parsing them through philosophical methods and logical analysis. This may involve Christianity’s history, psychology, philosophy, etc. Books under this category are a resource for anyone interested in learning more about how the diverse stories and themes of the Bible and religious traditions fit together as a whole. Topical studies hone what the Bible says about a particular issue and dig deep into it to prove a writer’s point. Theological analysis books are the best resources to start anyone’s journey as a biblical theologian. Today ReadersMagnet features an incredibly remarkable theological analysis about the 72 critical hours after the cross. 

The 72 Hour Authentication of the Christ

The 72 Hour Authentication of the Christ: Christ’s Only Sign is the complete title of this illuminating work of Kelly Don Ford. Published in June this year, Kelly Don Ford’s work is available to purchase in the market. This is a short work but an enlightening one that will strike any Christian. Ford uses paired theological analysis with scriptural detective work to closely examine the centuries-old mystery surrounding the timeframe of Jesus’ death and resurrection three days (72 hours) later. 

Ford compares the gravity of this timeframe to the critical hours after a disaster. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) makes known that the first 72 hours after a disaster are the most critical. The actions and responses during this amount of time can determine whether one lives or die. And, if you live, those actions can determine how comfortably you can survive the disaster of the aftermath. Ford notes that this timeframe is critical because Christ was meant to fulfill prophecy. And that anything less than accuracy in the testament undermines the truth of Christ’s prophetic and messianic role in salvation. 

In today’s world, a lot is going on in each of our lives as well as our country, and for that matter the world with the current pandemic. When a disaster strikes or a crime is committed, we have learned that the more prepared we are beforehand or right after, the sooner we act or react, the better the outcome or an adaptive solution. 72 hours has become a statistical time that works out best. Cases tend to get cold and weaken outside that perimeter. We refer to them as the 72 Critical Hours. 2,000 years ago that timeframe might not have gotten much attention, but there was a Prophet who knew the value of those hours and how they would misdirect nations do not believe the importance of who He is and what He said. After all, He is the WORD! Go with us on a journey to uncover the truth about the 72 Critical Hours after the cross. (Book description)

The 72 Hour Authentication of the Christ by Kelly Don Ford ruptures deep into the death and resurrection of Christ and its connection to the modern-day understandings of Good Friday. Taking everything into consideration, Ford’s topic is a worthy read; his notions and research will convince readers with his argument. 

About the Author

Kelly Don Ford was born in 1946 in Dallas, Texas. He is currently residing in Duncanville, Texas. He is a reputable serviceman after serving the U.S. military from 1966-1970. After his service, he took up a B.S. degree and graduated in 1988 from Southwest Texas State University, now Texas State University. Writing is Ford’s passion. It was an unidentified find at his grandmother’s home that shaped his interests and drives today. He continually researches and discovers the topics and contents for his next book. The 72 Hour Authentication of the Christ: Christ’s Only Sign is not his first book. His first was titled Ancient Signs of Deception, published in 1988, followed by Timecraft in 2004. 


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