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Everybody faces challenges in their lives. But compared to adults, children may need to be more receptive to experiencing these. Fortunately, Sun Lion by Charlene Turner teaches them how everyone can beat the odds in life.

Some say that the essence of life is struggle. People aren’t exactly living if they haven’t had challenges and experienced hardships. After all, nobody would truly recognize and understand happiness and satisfaction unless they’ve gone through the opposite.

“Fall two times, stand up thrice.”

As unfortunate and stressful as they are, adversities play an essential role in people’s lives. Primarily, they help build character, molding people into who they are. Without romanticizing extreme hardships, these experiences make people stronger and more resilient in facing future troubles. The more people are exposed to them, the more they grow in various aspects of life. Adversaries make them foster a belief that they’re capable of managing problems regardless of the intensity that comes their way.

However, while they’re beneficial, children may need help understanding and identifying the good that comes from facing challenges. For them, these aren’t steps they must undertake to grow and realize their capabilities. Instead, these are only experiences that cause frustration, anger, or sadness. In the face of adversaries, they can’t appreciate or see the possible benefits they can give. They only see the means to achieving these results. Hence, children are somewhat apprehensive when in trouble.

A Woman Stepping up to Teach Children About Bravery

Some may claim that bravery can’t be taught. After all, it isn’t merely a concept studied or memorized. Instead, it’s a concept that needs to be acted on.

One needs to step up and develop bravery, to learn the hows of being unfazed by problems and hardships. Only then will they truly grasp what it sincerely means to be brave. However, reading about courage from someone who’s been through enough trials might help children vividly picture what it means to embody bravery.

If it’s about having the guts and the spunk to face numerous challenges head-on, Charlene Turner must be a name people should be familiar with. Charlene didn’t have the smoothest, most pleasant childhood.

Growing up, she had to carry loads of complications that weighed her down by herself. Unlike the other children, she wasn’t receiving compliments or rewards for her performance. Instead, she got diagnosed with anxiety, dyslexia, and depression. Juggling these diagnoses at an early age wasn’t easy. However, instead of succumbing to these problems, she worked hard not to let these disorders define her.

Charlene learned to handle and resolve her problems at an early age, and this grit pushed her to become a wellness and medical rehabilitation therapist for the last eight years. Instead of yielding to her disorders, she became someone who helped other people get over these as well. With the courage she mustered earlier, she became the light of health and a sound mind.

Charlene’s Fearlessness in a Children’s Book

If children must learn about courage and empathy, it should be from Charlene. Fortunately, she has written the perfect source of inspiration for children to consume.

In her recent work, Sun-Lion, Charlene tells the story of a talented sun lion who overcomes bullying and self-doubt. Although the protagonist is capable of success, the bleakness of their experiences thwarted this realization. However, through self-work and taking charge of the circumstances, the sun lion gradually develops self-confidence and courage, transforming them into their best version.

Just as she experienced, Charlene explains how these adversaries hindered the protagonist from realizing what she’s truly capable of. Problems may be easily overwhelming and confusing, but by fostering fortitude, these problems only become stepping stones to growth and development.

Sun Lion by Charlene Turner works like a charm in helping readers develop self-confidence, enforcing fearlessness, and standing up for their beliefs. Through Charlene’s expressive narration and wonderful illustrations, Sun Lion picturesquely depicts how people can nurture bravery coming from extremely unfair circumstances.

It’s one of the best materials that enforces the importance of self-love and self-assurance to young readers. The book shows that within every person, a brave lion is waiting to be awakened and ready to face whatever challenges come their way. Sun Lion teaches children that they’re capable of growing out of these problems and makes them realize they’re capable of solving them.

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  1. Lynfel

    This book is cute but does not read as well as some of the others but still cute. The illustrations are cute. Daughter liked the book and that is what matters the most.


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