Book Feature: Stories and Poems from a Grandmother’s Heart

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Imagine if the older generation refused to tell their stories or pen stories from their perspectives, conveying their authority and cultural knowledge. How different would the world’s viewpoint be?

Stories and Poems from a Grandmother’s Heart is Kishwar Mirza’s first work and was inspired by her granddaughter. It is a children’s book of short stories and poems containing lessons she wishes to impart, not just to her granddaughter but to every child that reads it. Her book is a compilation of stories and poems that Mirza penned to celebrate the joys of being a child.

She utilizes fables, personifying the letters of the alphabet, animals, and other interesting inanimate objects to portray her characters and translate the stories she has created. These stories center from silly topics to more serious ones to convey her opinions about them and celebrate nature, fun, and beauty while incorporating playfulness and curiosity. Additionally, as a children’s book, Stories and Poems from a Grandmother’s Heart is primarily about being a child, beaming with curiosity and imagination.

 From an Elder’s Perspective

If one recalls a favorite story they’ve heard when they were young, most people would probably choose and remember something their grandparents told them. Perhaps something about their delivery makes their stories memorable, but beyond that factor, it can’t be denied that they significantly impact people’s lives. Most people consider their stories interesting since they recount their grandparents’ experiences from when they were younger, their mistakes, funny encounters they had, and the little remnants of how life was during their time. They are also filled with significant lessons – those they got through so they can teach those that need them and for the newer generations don’t have to suffer from them.

Stories one hears from their grandparents or anyone of age are generational stories. These stories are rooted in history, and marinated in culture and language, passed on from one generation to the other. Those who have knowledge about and share these stories are typically the people of age with roles of authority, cultural breadth to awaken their audience and depth of language. These stories are also critical in helping people recognize their identity. Learning more about the people who came and thrived before them, sheds a brighter light on the world and society they live in.

Other than these generational stories, there is also an importance in reading and producing books created by older authors. Reading and seeing the world from their perspectives give different insights regarding the world, which is essential for understanding it better.

 About the author

Kishwar Mirza has been both a teacher and a pediatric nurse. When she isn’t working, she spends her time writing, baking, and playing with children, whom she’s passionate about teaching positive ideas through stories and poetry.

As someone who’s been mostly exposed to children as a teacher and a nursing supervisor in a children’s hospital, Kishwar believes that children should be taught a positive outlook on life. With this belief and the inspiration she got from her granddaughter, she wrote Stories and Poems from a Grandmother’s Heart. She had shared that since her granddaughter wishes to listen to stories every night, she thought of writing this book. In a generation where children or even most parents turn to Youtube videos to keep children occupied, Kishwar turned to the traditional method. Creating a book that’s incredibly inspired by her granddaughter’s wishes tells much about Kishwar’s character as a person and an author. If you wish to support her book or purchase it for your children to read, you may buy Stories and Poems from a Grandmother’s Heart from Amazon. You may also visit her website to learn more about her.


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