Book Feature: She Let God Write Her Story by Yelena Borichevska

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She Let God Write Her Story by Yelena Borichevska is an inspiring memoir of a young girl’s faith and how it helped her overcome life’s challenges.

Memoirs are always inspiring, for they provide us with a glimpse of a person’s life journey. A memoir may highlight faith, family, love, transformation, history, or even tragedy. But more importantly, a memoir showcases a person’s virtue and how these values helped them live through life’s trials and challenges. The book She Let God Write Her Story by Yelena Borichevska is an example of an inspiring memoir. Today, we will learn more about this wonderfully written account of a young girl’s faith and will to let God choose His will for her life. It is a heartwarming narrative of how one’s faith is rewarded with a beautiful and meaningful existence.

Last February 2022, Yelena Borichevska published her memoir via Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

She Let God Write Her Story was first published on February 14, 2022 (Christian Faith Publishing, ISBN-13: 9781685175238). It contains two hundred eight (208) pages chronicling Yelena’s spiritual journey. The book highlights the story of a young girl from Ukraine who immigrated to the United States in America shortly after the September 11 terrorist attack. She Let God Write Her Story is part memoir, part devotional book. The book is divided into fourteen chapters.

The first chapter talks about the day Lena and her family made a move to immigrate to the United States just two weeks after the devastating September 11 attacks on New York. For two years, the family prepared for the big day, which arrived on September 25, 2001. The succeeding chapters will tell about the flights they had to endure and how they moved to America’s Vancouver, beginning a new life in a foreign country. 

Overall, the book is a heartwarming narrative about a person’s life and journey from being an immigrant girl excited to see the land of her dreams to a young woman finding her own path in life and, in the process, settling in a country that is different from the one she was born in. And what makes Lena’s narrative so moving and engaging is that at the center of her journey is God.

In this book, Yelena also pays tribute to family, friends, and community, all playing an essential role in her journey. Her family is her most significant source of inspiration, next to God. Consequently, Yelena considers her parents, siblings, friends, and every individual that touched her life as the greatest gifts from the most generous God.

About Yelena Borichevska

Yelena Borichevska was born and raised in Rivne, Ukraine. At age seventeen, Yelena moved to the United States shortly after the tragic 9/11 attacks. Even at a young age, Yelena had already developed a strong faith in God. She has always considered herself blessed beyond limits. 

She had to adjust to a new life upon arriving here in America. Later, she worked in local health care for over a decade. She also runs a successful real estate business. Yelena is grateful to God for giving her God-loving and God-fearing parents. 

Yelena Borichevska has been married to her husband, Vitaliy, since 2008. They have a daughter named Ashley. She has two brothers, five sisters, thirteen nephews, and six nieces. She loves spending time with her family, traveling, being in nature, rollerblading, reading, and touching other people’s lives.

To know more about Yelena Borichevska and her amazing work, purchase a copy of the book via Amazon, Barnes&Noble or her website today!


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