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Sad Papaw Books follow the history and legacy of the Harmons, written by Kenny Harmon, a.k.a. Sad Papaw.

Sad Papaw is the pseudonym of author Kenny Harmon. It all started with his granddaughter posting a picture of him from a family barbeque that went bad. Grandpa Kenny is visibly sad in the picture because most of his grandchildren failed to make it to the barbeque gathering. The Internet quickly picked up on the image and sparked a movement worldwide, reminding us to recognize our grandparents and spend time with them whenever possible. The rest they say is history. Today we will present Sad Papaw Books which talk about history not only of the Harmons but also of a bit of American history.

The Early Years

After Kelsey Harmon posted an image of her sad grandfather at a family barbecue meant to poke fun at her cousins, the Internet instantly felt the emotion. For thousands who saw the touching photo of Kenny, it was a heartbreak they could not allow to happen to their own grandparents. It reminded them how important our grandparents are and how we should value their presence while still can. Sad Papaw became a symbol of our familial obligation to spend time with our old folks and value the stories they have to tell. It started a movement reminding people to hold their loved ones close and remember to make time for one another. Then began the Sad Papaw Books, a series of non-fiction books co-written by Kenney Harmon about Kenny’s life with his grandparents. Sad Papaw: The Early Years serves as a memoir featuring his life experiences during the early days of Oklahoma and about the family’s history.


Sad Papaw: Heritage is both the history of the Harmon family and a travel-back-in-time book featuring life in the Wild West during the 1800s. Kenny Harmon, also known as Sad Papaw, takes us to the days when Americans first took to the fields to play a new game called baseball (now America’s number one sport). We rediscover the life of its farmers who struggled with hard work, doubts, and dreams of a new life in America. Heritage takes us to simpler times when children first tasted graham crackers and peanut butter cookies. Heritage also shows us America in its formative years when parents and doctors struggled to find a cure for simple ailments to labor pains. And during this tour in history, we also learn more about the Harmons and how their families grow, generations that expanded from the day that Peter Harman and Mary Creekmore fell in love.

Those Were the Days

Those Were the Days is the third book in the Sad Papaw book series and is the latest work by Kenny Harmon. The book covers a more recent time but is significantly part of Kenny Harmon’s history. It features the 1960’s drag racing legends Jim Liberman, Bruce Larson & Bill Jenkins.

About Kenny Harmon

Kenny Harmon, also known as Sad Papaw, was born and raised in Oklahoma. Before becoming a published author, he lived a pretty ordinary life, enjoying his golden years with family and friends. On March 16, 2016, Kenny became an instant celebrity and the Internet’s favorite grandfather after a photo of him caught the attention of Twitter users. One of Kenny’s granddaughters, Kelsey Harmon, posted a tweet with a photo of their grandfather looking sad because many of Kelsey’s cousins failed to attend the family barbeque. Many were touched upon seeing a grandpa’s sad image and rallied around Kenny as their “new grandfather.” Now known as Sad Papaw, Kenney hosted his first open cookout to the public on Saturday, March 26, 2016. It is now an annual tradition attended by family and friends.


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