Book Feature: Raven’s Way by Kerry Marzock

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Raven’s Way is the debut novel by Kerry Marzock and the prequel to the thriller Raven’s Rage.

After the blockbuster success of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire romance thriller, supernatural romance thrillers featuring vampires, werewolves, and similar characters increased in volumes. However, unique plots were rare, and only several novels truly achieved critical and commercial success. Meyer’s Twilight set the bar high in some ways and influenced many young and upcoming writers, the likes of Amanda Carlson and Kerry Marzock.

Though there are many writers who chose to write under the same genre, only a few presented unique and consistent materials. Supernatural romance thrillers

In Raven’s Way, poet and author Kerry Marzock introduce us to the stunning and haunting world she has created.

Raven’s Way is Kerry Marzock’s debut novel, released in June 2006. The 296-page supernatural romance thriller is a story of blood and death, love and revenge. The story is set on the streets of Philadelphia and introduces us to the main characters, Johnny and Kathleen. Johnny Raven is Marzock’s legendary protagonist, while Detective Kathleen Morello, the heroine, is a strong-willed homicide detective whose life will be completely turned upside down. Together, the two unlikely duo will take readers on an unforgettable journey featuring a new race of beings with a world unseen and unknown by man.

“The creature suddenly moved and slid like a mysterious shadow into the swirling fog. Death had now entered the arena, and there was not a prayer to be spoken that would prevent it from happening. No weapon in their puny arsenal, or faith and belief in a higher power, could help them this night. Blood would be shed because they dared search for a creature from their darkest nightmares.” (Excerpt from Raven’s Way, Chapter 1)

Raven’s Way is the start of a unique and compelling narrative that we haven’t experienced in a long while. Marzock’s unique storyline and the excellent introduction to a book series are something every fan of supernatural romance thrillers should check.

Raven’s Way is followed by its equally exciting sequel, Raven’s Rage: Order of the Claw (2009).

Three years after publishing The Raven’s Way, author Kerry Marzock released its sequel, Raven’s Rage: Order of the Claw. The second installment features 330 pages of ferocity, violence, and suspense that will drive fans to the edge of their seat. The story follows the main protagonist Johnny Raven as he sets out to exact revenge on the evil enemies that ruined his life. Fans can expect battle scenes set in Philadelphia’s famous landmarks.

According to sources, Kerry Marzock is also working on the third installment of the series. The working title is “Raven Unleashed” and is expected to be more bloody than the first two novels.

About the Author

Kerry Marzock, also known as Mystic Wolf, is from Philadelphia, her home for over forty-three years now. She spent many years living with her loving husband Richard and their adorable dog, Rain. In 2015, Richard passed away just a few years after Rain crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Rain featured prominently in Kerry Marzock’s Raven novels. Aside from her novels, Marzock is also a published poet. She is the author of poetry books “A Sea of Emotion” and “Along A Burning Highway.” In 2017, she released her third novel, The Reptilian Factor. Kerry Marzock is currently working on her first fantasy novel “Scrolls of Sorrow,” and another installment to the Raven series, “Raven Unleashed.” 

You can purchase a copy of Raven’s Way via Amazon or get more information by visiting Kerry Marzock’s official author’s website today.


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