Book Feature: Quiet. Fear. by Cynthia Giachino

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Inside everyone lies a storyteller who wishes to have his life heard. Cynthia Giachino gets vulnerable with her readers as she shares her life story and fears.

Nothing beats wisdom coming from genuine experiences.

People spend most of their lives learning from books and the academe. School teaches them crucial competencies they can utilize for career success. But when it comes to being better humans and learning how to cope better through life, people know the best advice from experience.

Experience is the best teacher, a belief that’s been solidified through time for a reason. Nobody can grow and make peace with their inner discord unless they learn to listen to themselves and introspect.

However, introspection isn’t limited to what people have personally undergone. Although it may seem like beating the purpose of learning from experience, people can still gain valuable wisdom from what others have gone through in life.

Others’ Experiences Is One’s Wisdom

Everyone lives life differently, leading to unique and distinct experiences. Like snowflakes, no two people are alike living the same lives. Regardless of where they are or who they’re with, people walk through a different journey of self-discovery and fulfilling their purpose.

Life is a breeding ground of wisdom, with everyone holding special and personal insights. Hence, in essence, people learn the most when they listen or tap into what others have encountered. After all, one’s personal experiences may be limited to what’s accessible to them, and by welcoming another’s narrative, they’re widening their perspective on life.

Life Through Another’s Lens

Although these aren’t first-hand experiences, reading through another’s account can make one live through the situation. In a way, sharing about these events is like allowing others to experience the same thing vicariously. This is why people write autobiographies and share accounts of their lives. Authors want to impart their wisdom to those who may never have the opportunity.

Cynthia Giachino is among the numerous authors taking the high road, bearing her vulnerability for others to learn from her life. One of her initiatives to impart wisdom to others is by writing an autobiographical novel. Quiet Fear is an autobiography about the author’s life story. Although this genre is typically written from the author’s perspective, Giachino takes a unique route for her book.

Instead of naming her protagonist after her, Cynthia Giachino crafts a character, Lily, to stand as her eyes and voice, taking readers on a journey. While the book may, at first glance, appear as a fictional story, it’s an accurate account of the author’s life. Quiet Fear expands throughout her entire life, from birth until her current days, covering many decades and threads of the author’s life.

Cynthia Giachino and Her Advocacy

At its core, Quiet Fear encourages people to stop being afraid of their past.

When Cynthia Giachino lived life in fear, she felt powerless and silenced. She had no voice to express the distress she was going through. Unfortunately, hers is a universal experience a lot would relate with. When people experience extreme fear, they often end up frozen and unable to do or say anything. Nothing, and nobody gets heard. By writing about it, she has given everyone carrying the burden the easiest way to let go and move on.

Fear engulfed her for most of her life, and Cynthia Giachino wants nobody to experience the same. Quiet Fear is her move to help people find peace and comfort, seeing how she never gave up despite what life threw at her. Cynthia holds life precious and hopes her book can encourage others to do the same. Although fear was what she knew the most before, she still had the strength to live.

She still anticipated the future, embracing its uncertainty regardless of what it brought.

Cynthia Giachino wanted to share her struggles, accomplishments, and courage to face fear head-on. She had a rough childhood, as reflected in the book. But she didn’t let these take her light and hope. She faced her past and acknowledged her vulnerabilities but didn’t let it take over her life. Now, she’s imparting her wisdom to those experiencing the same, hoping her story can empower them.


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