Book Feature: Potent Quotes for Soul by Eric Chifunda

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Potent Quotes For Soul: Uplifting Quotes For Modern Life is the latest book from Eric Chifunda.

As the New Year begins, we should welcome it with hope, inspiration, and positivity. Now more than ever, with the pandemic and the chaos all around, we should seek and embrace the things that uplift our souls, strengthen our minds, and energize our bodies. We need a fresh perspective to renew ourselves. We need something to reaffirm our faith in spirituality and all the optimism it represents. Today, we are going to feature another inspirational work from author Eric Chifunda. He is the author of the book An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth. ReadersMagnet presents “Potent Quotes for Soul” by Eric Chifunda.

Potent Quotes for Soul by Eric Chifunda Potent

Potent Quotes for Soul by Eric Chifunda is the recently published book by Eric Chifunda. It was published in July last year. Just like his first two books, Potent Quotes for the Soul is a work that hopes to inspire readers to gain spiritual wisdom. With this one, though, Chifunda gathered a collection of amazing words of wisdom immortalized on each page. These quotes serve as both guiding principles and motivation for every reader. 

His most recent book, “Potent Quotes for Soul,” is about uplifting quotes. The potent quotes that resonate with you can help bring a fresher perspective on life, inspire, open hearts to more love, instill hope, and help gradually elevate to a higher version of yourself.

 What we read and internalize can shape our attitude to some extent. Thus, the more uplifting the words, the more one may experience improvement in thought processes and feelings, conduct, and perspective. Henceforth, life gets transformed for the better. (book description)

One of the amazing things about Eric Chifunda’s latest work is that it is light reading. Chifunda suggests that readers should pick random pages to read and reflect on it. Potent Quotes for Soul is designed so that every page, every quote will serve the readers sincerely with purpose, wisdom, and spiritual guidance. It is a book that will help you connect with God daily and hear His words reflected on these quotes. It is an essential work that everyone should have or read.

Other Works by Eric Chifunda

An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth

An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth: A Practical Guide to Everyday Spirituality was released in 2017. As the title suggests, the book features a daily guide in our quest to pursue spiritual enlightenment. It is a collection of articles that feature tips and strategies to explore and nurture our spirituality.  

Selected Inspirational Quotes

Selected Inspirational Quotes was published in 2017 as well (October). The book is sort of a spin-off from his previous work, An Endless Quest for Spiritual Truth. In this book, readers will find selected quotes from the book, deepening our spiritual insight into daily life.

About Eric Chifunda

Eric Chifunda first studied Fine Arts at the National Academy School of Fine Arts in New York. He is an actor and artist whose works involve visionary, representational, and abstract art. Chifunda, later on, became a successful Occupational Therapist in New York City. He is knowledgeable in hand and upper quarter rehab. In 2008, Eric Chifunda earned his degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia. He has a long history of working in hospitals and the healthcare industry.

As a writer, Chifunda was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award in 2006 from He is also an awardee of the International Library of Poetry. 

Eric Chifunda is the author of three inspirational books. He considers team building and public speaking skills as his vital attributes as well. His second book, Selected Inspirational Quotes won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for the category “Inspirational.” 

To know more about Eric Chifunda, purchase copies of his books, or visit his author website today.


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