Book Feature: Mommy Mommy: Look the Man has One Leg

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Mommy Mommy: Look the Man has One Leg is a children’s book by William Dalmas.

Children’s Books help children know and understand things in a fun and colorful way. It introduces them to nature, animals, lessons, and values. Fables, rhymes, and picture books enable them to learn their ABCs, about the four interchanging seasons, the life cycle of a butterfly, and so many other things. However, children’s books are also a bridge to help us open their minds to life’s realities. Although most children’s books are filled with tales of fantasy and happy endings, there are modern children’s books that talk about the not-so-happy things in our world. Author William Dalmas chose to use children’s literature to educated kids on how to treat people with disabilities. His book Mommy Mommy: Look the Man has One Leg is an attempt to help instill the right manners in children, specifically when meeting persons with disabilities.

Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg

Published in 2015, Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg is written by William Dalmas, with the help of his wife Martine. In this book, the couple shares their experiences with meeting people with disabilities. The book is inspired by the numerous encounters that Martine and William’s kids had with persons with disabilities. Kids are by nature inquisitive and would want to know why a person looks different or what has happened to him, and the couple made it sure that when they ask questions they can answer them truthfully but in a way polite or sensitive to the personal feelings.

According to Martine, the purpose of coming up with this book is to teach kids the right manners and to be sensitive to other people’s feelings, especially people who are different or have physical disabilities. They strongly believe in treating everyone with respect and dignity. 

Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg is not your ordinary children’s book. It is a tool that shows children how to conduct themselves when interacting with people with special needs or disabilities. William and Martine recognized their children’s curiousness, and they were able to show their kids social protocols and manners, which they also hope to share with other kids. Filled with inputs and reminders, William Dalmas’ books can also be a great read for adults, caregivers, or even in school. Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg teaches young minds a lifelong skill- respect for others.

“Young readers are in for a surprise when he narrates a unique story in Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg. Through the novel, the author expands their views and successfully shows them important values, especially when dealing with people with disabilities or special needs. This book is therefore a great read for children with their families, and even in school. Kids at a very young age can be quite inquisitive and interested. It is therefore the perfect time to teach them important social protocols and manners and to mold them into understanding, uprightness, and acceptance of the differences of all. He hopes, with his book, to instill these morals into their hearts and minds for them to practice and keep growing up.” (excerpt from the book)

About William Dalmas

William Dalmas was born in Sacramento, California, and grew up in San Diego, California. William loved the beach and considered it his salvation. Although he did not have a formal education, William was able to read the writing on the wall. Running down the hallways of many hearts it enables him to open the doors of life. It was his mantra to champion as many lives as possible. His book Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg is his legacy. 


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