Book Feature: Liz Refuse to Fall by Jacquelyn H. Colleton-Akins

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Liz Refuse to Fall is another remarkable book from Jacquelyn H. Colleton-Akins.

Author Jacquelyn H. Colleton-Akins is known for her heartwarming stories. Many, if not, all of her work feature important lessons and wisdom for young readers to absorb. In the past, we have featured some of her works including E-Babe, Prediction Stories, and Can’t Jump. Today, we are going to present another remarkable short story with a very important life lesson. ReadersMagnet is proud to present Jacquelyn H. Colleton-Akins’ children’s story Liz Refuse to Fall.

Liz Refuse to Fall

Life is full of mysteries. There is joy, pain, discovery, doubt, fear, and acceptance. Each one of us shares the same narrative arc. We all live and we all die, and for many of us, we get to experience many years and seasons. We also get to share common experiences like growing up, making new friends, being a part of a community, going to school, getting jobs, and countless many adventures. One common thing that we all share as well is death. Everyone dies, although the time and circumstance vary. Some die in their sleep, some get sick and expire, and there are some deaths that are due to accidents, war, or being killed by forces of nature or human activities.

Liz Refuse to Fall is a heartwarming short story by Jacquelyn H. Colleton-Akins about the cycle of life. The book is a metaphor for life and how we each have our own time for blooming and withering away. Just like the four seasons, we also have our own seasons in life. Eventually, each one of us will arrive in the winter of our lives and die, leaving behind others whose time is yet to come.

 “Shortly thereafter, Mother Maple shouted out to Liz as she began to leisurely descend to the ground. ‘Liz, I am descending to join the fallen leaves, but remember to keep your promise. Liz, you are the last leaf remaining on Mr. Maple’s tree. Which is the most beautiful Red Maple tree in the middle of the city park. So long, farewell, bye-bye until we meet again, I love you my baby leaf.” (excerpt from the book)

Published in 2019, Liz Refuse to Fall is a short story featuring a Red Maple Tree named Mr. Maple Tree. Mr. Maple Tree has many leaves. His leaves have names and some of them are prominent leaves with different characters. There’s Liz, the tough leaf. Then there’s Din and Vave. Vave was the smallest. The largest and wisest leaf is Mother Maple. As the story progresses, we learned that winter is coming and that one by one the leaves are falling to the ground. Falling to the ground means that the leaf is dying. Slowly Liz’s family falls to the ground. However, Liz refuses to fall and tried to cling to the red maple tree for as long as she can. Finally, Liz understands the “law of nature” and finally falls to the ground gracefully.

Liz Refuse to Fall is a metaphor for several things. It speaks of letting go and accepting the laws of nature. It also tells us of the fragility of life and how each one of us is just a passerby. Written in a form that is easy to digest, Jacquelyn H. Colleton-Akins’s narrative is designed for young readers. Funny and educational the book is designed for children up to 9th grade.

About the Author

Jacquelyn H. Colleton Akins is an author and mentor. She is the Director and Private owner of the Hester Tutoring Program in Walterboro, South Carolina, and Jacksonville, Florida. Jacquelyn H. Colleton-Akins loves to explore different challenges in the minds of our youth to bring them into this complex society of ours, by building a building block of educational goals and objectives from Pre-K – 12th grade and GED students. As an author she has released numerous books including Prediction Stories, E-Babe, Alvin Can’t Jump, Two Trees, My Experience, and Liz Refuse to Fall.


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