Book Feature: Is It Santa? by Nelibeth Plaza

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Is It Santa is a children’s illustrated book by Nelibeth Plaza.

Christmas stories live beyond the yuletide season. Children enjoy stories about Jesus’s birth, Snowman, Santa, and other Christmas adventures. Truth be told, we love to read many of these Christmas stories during different times of the year to remind us of the ‘most wonderful time of the year.’ Today, we are going to feature a children’s illustrated book about a story that we often experience during Christmas. It involves Christmas cookies and our beloved Santa Claus.

Is It Santa? by Nelibeth Plaza

Is It Santa? by Nelibeth Plaza is a children’s illustrated book published in November 2020 by ReadersMagnet LLC. The 30-page paperback follows a story about the mystery of the missing cookies made by a mother for her children for Christmas. Thinking that it might be Santa or an intruder responsible for the missing Christmas cookies, Mya, Charlie, and Jacob start their own investigation with the help of their parents. Soon, the whole community gets involved in finding out the mysterious cookie thief. But who indeed is the one behind the missing cookie? Is it Santa Claus, visiting for Christmas? Is it a neighbor who likes the taste of Mommy Rebekah’s Christmas cookies? Or is it someone living within the family?

“While Mother Rebekkah is picking up her children from school – MYA, CHARLIE, and JACOB, her basket is being broken into and the cookies taken. They are shocked upon entering the home to see cookies scattered in various places. The children immediately assume that Santa has been in their home early. However, the strange strewing of cookies throughout the house makes them suspicious.

Fearing that it was an intruder, the children act as detectives examining pieces of evidence to find out if it was Santa or an intruder of this mystery of the missing cookies with the help of Mother Rebekkah’s husband, who is a firefighter who sets off the fire station alarm.

An investigation ensues to the children’s delight as adults, firefighters and the captain of the fire station looked for clues to solve this mystery. Who could have taken the cookies? Follow Mother Rebekkah, Mya, Charlie, Jacob, and the firefighters as they unravel the mystery of this cookie heist.” 

(excerpt from book description) 

Is It Santa?, Nelibeth Plaza’s second book is a heart-warming adventure filled with mystery, suspense, and humor. Although the book is a recommended read for children up to 12 years old, many older readers will find the book pleasant and entertaining. The ending is quite a surprise for everyone. Overall, it is a book for all seasons.

Aside from Is It Santa?, Plaza is also the author of two more children’s books, The Red Oak Rocking Chair and the upcoming book entitled “Secrets in the Attic” soon to be released.

About the Author

Nelibeth Plaza is a former teacher. She taught for twenty-seven years as an elementary teacher in the New York City Department of Education. She also served as an assistant principal. In 2015, Nelibeth got into an accident that required her to be in a wheelchair and undergo therapy. One afternoon, after a physical therapy session, she came across a photo of an old rocking chair that belonged to the family for over 50 years. The rocking chair became the inspiration for her first book, The Red Oak Rocking Chair. In 2019, Plaza decided to retire. The year after, she published her second book, Is It Santa? which is inspired by a workmate’s story of how a squirrel living in her attic had scattered her cookies all over the house while she was at work. Plaza has two daughters, Rebekah and Elizabeth. She also has three grandchildren- Mya, Charlie, and Jacob. All of them are characters in her books.


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