Book Feature: Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish Priest by Fr. Francis Peffley

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Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish Priest is an inspirational guidebook by Fr. Francis Peffley

The family, as they say, is the basic unit of society. In the family, a person learns the basic truths, the foundations of his or her values, and many other things he or she needs to become a functional member of the community. Because the family is the child-rearing unit of any society, it is crucial that the family is equipped with principles, values, faith, and education. Without these, a family cannot hope to produce decent and empowered individuals. For Catholics, the family is quintessential in molding faithful and God-fearing individuals. But what if the family is under attack? Today, we will feature a very relevant book that will shed light on parents, children, newly married couples, and families on how to keep the family intact, fully committed to God and community. Fr. Francis Peffley’s Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish Priest is our book feature of the day.

Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish Priest

Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish Priest is a 2019 spiritual guidebook by family priest Fr. Francis Peffley. The 303-page book centers on family and the challenges that today’s modern families must face to remain sheltered from society’s evils. More importantly, the book offers wisdom and advice on maintaining a deep spiritual connection with God.

“In the chaos of the modern world, the family has been attacked. The necessary foundations of faith and love are becoming distorted. So what must the world, and the families within it, do to counteract the growing threats? Deepen their understanding of faith and their roles within it. “Inside The Catholic Family” is a testament to that need. A book intertwined with poems and stories of faith, the message deepens the reader’s understanding of the beauty and dexterity of the relationships within the family.”
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Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish Priest is designed for light and simple reading. While the topic is mainly about the Catholic family, readers will be delighted to discover that the book is very rich in inspiration, wisdom, and humor that even children, newly married, everyday couples, and even non-Catholics might be interested in reading. Fr. Francis Peffley is known for his sound, gentle, and even encouraging ways. In this book, he displays the same energy and pleasantness that will undoubtedly entertain and educate readers. It is a must-read book for everyone who values family and the love of God and community.

About Fr. Francis Peffley

Father Francis J. Peffley is a Catholic priest, an inspirational speaker, and a published author. He was born March 16, 1963, in Norristown, Pennsylvania, to William and Mary Peffley. His parents met in the Legion of Mary. Francis joined the Legion of Mary at the age of ten along with his sisters, Edel and Natia. The schools he attended include Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia (Bachelor of Arts in Theology) and Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland, where Francis received his priestly formation and Master of Divinity and Master of Arts Degrees.

Fr. Francis Peffley was ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, on May 19, 1990. He served as founding pastor of Holy Trinity Parish in Gainesville, Virginia, from 2001 to 2011. He then went to serve as parochial vicar at Saint John the Apostle in Leesburg, Virginia, until 2016. He is active with parish young adult ministry, retreat work, and pilgrimages. Fr. Francis Peffley has been a chaplain of the Knights of Columbus councils in each parish he has served for the last twenty years.

Fr. Francis Peffley currently serves as parochial vicar at St Mary of Sorrows in Fairfax, Virginia. Besides his published books, he has also written numerous articles and recorded over two hundred audio CDs on Spirituality, the Saints, Apologetics, Evangelization, and the Family. Fr. Francis Peffley’s Sunday and weekday homilies and retreat talks appear online and are listened to worldwide.

When not busy with official functions, you can find Fr. Francis busy with juggling fire torches and machetes, golf, scuba diving, bowling, billiards, baseball card collecting, and traveling to pilgrimage sites and shrines.


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