Book Feature: I am Freud! by Dr. Len Bergantino

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I am Freud by Len Bergantino provides many in-depth and fresh insights on psychoanalysis.

There have been many published works of literature on psychoanalysis. Works like Nancy McWilliam’s Psychoanalytic Diagnosis, Jacques Lacan’s The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis, and of course, Sigmund Freud’s numerous theses on psychoanalysis. Their works have greatly contributed to understanding the human mind and in ushering in the new era of therapeutic techniques. Despite being the subject of many controversies, psychoanalysis remains a relevant method in treating mental disorders. However, there has been a decline in new and significant works of literature on psychoanalysis. Today, we will feature a recently published book on modern psychoanalysis as a method for the cure. ReadersMagnet features a book by someone who sondiders himself as the world’s greatest psychoanalyst.

I am Freud! By Dr. Len Bergantino

I Am Freud! Psychoanalysis Is the Only Method of Cure: It’s Too Bad No One Knows How to Do One!!! is the complete title of Dr. Len Bergantino’s 2018 book on psychoanalysis and extrasensory perception. In his book, Dr. Len Bergantino, an expert on psychotherapy and hypnosis, talks about the importance of extrasensory perception in treating mental disorders. In this revolutionary treatise, Bergantino presents to us a ‘wild psychoanalysis’ that may help today’s psychoanalysts in formulating a better treatment program for their patients.

“This is a book for all time. As I had the extrasensory perception to help me find out things on a primitive level and depth with an ability to pick up split-off, severe pathological projective identifications moment to moment in an era when psychologists were only permitted to be research psychoanalysts by the American Psychoanalytic Association (but tightly controlled where that research was going that in many ways nullified it as true psychoanalytic research), I present to you a book that might at that time have been considered wild psychoanalysis. And I will show you how extrasensory perception can be developed and utilized by the therapeutic use of self within the psychoanalytic frame in ways that can enhance the treatment of borderline, narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive, and schizophrenic disorders and other diagnoses, as well as help pinpoint psychophysiological awareness, which through the repetition compulsion, can prevent disease and will circumvent disease in later life. This kind of psychoanalysis will go a long way in preventing the next holocaust!” (excerpt from book description)

I Am Freud! Psychoanalysis Is the Only Method of Cure: It’s Too Bad No One Knows How to Do One!!! is among the five books that Dr. Len Bergantino wrote and published. He hopes that readers will read and absorb the books in their entirety. I Am Freud! is an interesting and unique book that will definitely provide new lessons and challenge some of the methods in today’s psychotherapy practice. It is a must-read book for all those interested in Psychoanalysis.

About Dr. Len Bergantino

Dr. Len Bergantino, Ed.D., Ph. D is an accomplished psychoanalyst and a prominent figure in the field of psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis. He practiced psychoanalysis from 1979-1991 in Beverly Hills, California. His expertise has brought him to many places, conducting training and lectures. He trained psychiatrists and clinical psychologists via his workshop “The Therapeutic Wizardry of Dr. Bergantino” at Wentworth Castle in Sheffield, England. He also went to the Royal College of Medicine in London and to train Brtish counterparts in “Developing the Use of Extrasensory Perception in the Practice of Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis.”


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