Book Feature: Healing the Wounded Soul by Arline Westmeier

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Dr. Arline Westmeier is the author of the book Healing the Wounded Soul: Ways to Inner Wholeness.

Our journey in life takes us to different challenges and trials. Sometimes, we experience life-changing events and traumas that often leave us questioning our purpose in life as well as God’s presence in our lives. Some of us are left broken and unable to move on or find happiness in our existence. And if we are unable to understand the suffering we encounter, healing is probably almost impossible. During these difficult times, we look for God to heal us and point us in the right direction. Faith is always the prerequisite to finding the answers to many of our essential questions. Today, we will feature a very inspiring book about finding faith, forgiveness, and inner wholeness.

Healing the Wounded Soul: Ways to Inner Wholeness

In 2010, Dr. Arline Westmeier released the first book of her Healing the Wounded Soul series, Healing the Wounded Soul: Ways to Inner Wholeness. In this first volume, Dr. Arline Westmeier focused on the discussion of recognizing past traumatic events, finding forgiveness, and allowing one’s self to heal. The book also confronts some of the common questions often addressed by those who have encountered devastating experiences and tragedies. The questions include: “If I am a Christian, why do I still suffer from my painful memories?”, “If God has forgiven me for everything, why do I still feel depressed and inferior to others?”, “How can I forgive someone who has hurt me so much? “and “If God loves me so much, why doesn’t He get me out of the mess I’m in?”

“The eidetic memories of our traumatic experiences remain recorded like unresolved “videos” in our conscious and unconscious memory. These memories of traumatic experiences influence our lives and families by projecting their pain onto our daily experiences. No parents can fully meet their children’s basic needs to receive love, pardon, protection and praise. This causes varying degrees of feelings of inferiority, which we try to compensate with equal degrees of superiority through such things as bragging, possessiveness and possessions, perfectionism, and so on. Dr. Westmeier deals with the effects of such problems as dysfunctional families, sexual abuse and rape, abortion guilt, being an unwanted child, and much more. When we open these memories to Jesus, he who came to carry our sins to the cross also carries our fears, anxieties, griefs, and sorrows, giving us a new ending to the “videos” in our memories. By giving us His forgiveness, the “unforgivable” can be forgiven.” (book description)

Healing the Wounded Soul: Ways to Inner Wholeness is a guidebook that encourages us to have faith and courage to face our past, embrace its pain and scars. Only by doing so can we truly move on and journey the road to forgiveness and self-renewal. Dr. Arline Westmeier’s approach in guiding readers towards a more effective way of self-reflection and pursuit of a more meaningful relationship with God is remarkable and deserves our full attention. Healing the Wounded Soul: Ways to Inner Wholeness is a must-read book for all seeking serenity and enlightenment.

Healing the Wounded Soul: Subsequent Volumes

In 2020, Dr. Arline Westmeier released three volumes of Healing the Wounded Soul, each focusing on the same feel-good learning and liberating experience.

·        Healing the Wounded Soul: Closing Open Doors, Volume 2

·        Healing the Wounded Soul: Taking Every Thought Captive, Volume 3

·        Healing the Wounded Soul: Healing Wounded Relationships, Volume 4

About Arline Westmeier

Dr. Arline Westmeier is from a very dedicated Mennonite home. Her first commitment to Jesus was at the age of three and a half years old, and since then, Arline always felt that her calling was to be a missionary. Arline went to nursing school. However, weeks before her graduation, Arline’s mother suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and rendered her too weak to speak and move. Arline and her sister cared for their mother for three years. Nine weeks before her mother passed away, Arline’s father died. Arline considered this chapter of her life as God’s three-year university course to prepare and equipped her with empathy for the sufferings and difficulties of other people.

Dr. Arline Westmeier is blessed with a son and a daughter who are now adults. She also has two teenage grandsons. Since the passing of her husband in 2018, Dr. Arline Westmeier has been living in Grantsville, Maryland, in the beautiful Alleghany Mountains.


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