Book Feature: Happiness In Quantum Leaps by Aura D. McClain

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Happiness In Quantum Leaps is a spiritual book by Aura D. McClain

With the world becoming more and more stressful, you would want to help you relieve stress and anxiety. Most would turn to dangerous medicines for a short-term solution. Today, ReadersMagnet features Aura D. McClain’s spiritual self-help book, Happiness in Quantum Leaps, to offer a promising plan to help you with that problem. McClain’s book will provide you with long-term help and more. 

Happiness In Quantum Leaps

Aura D. McClain discovered that her true calling was to teach people about happiness, positive thinking, love, and peace. She translated this calling in writing to share his knowledge, experience, and best practices in her debut book, Happiness In Quantum Leaps. Her book aims to give people a long-lasting solution to leading a happy life without resorting to pharmaceutical drugs. She shares in her books the methodology she discovered to positive life improvement centered on God as the energy source. 

Happiness In Quantum Leaps by Aura McClain is an in-depth narrative sharing wisdom on reaching true happiness of the body, mind, and spirit. She will target all three aspects of you and align them together to achieve love, joy, peace, and happiness. Since the book’s foundation is about God, she further delves into the topic than what we know already. She digs deep into the mind, body, spirit connection to give readers an explanation of the reason to maintain a positive attitude in life without compartmentalizing the three. 

McClain recalls true-to-life stories to back her accounts on how one can heal through faith. Her stories are not all happiness and joy but also of disappointments that are relatable and authentic. The stories she printed in the book are not only of her but also of people who underwent spiritual healing. The cultivating strong reliance on the author of her faith in God was truly depicted in the book. Personal reflections on the power of one’s mind were the strongest and memorable of the book. Meanwhile, she uses her engineering and science background to provide a different perspective on the insufficiencies of science in healing wounds of the mind, heart, and soul. She asserts how scientists have yet to recognize the power of energy in healing. 

The book tackled on many great ideas that many can apply in their lives to lead a happier, healthier life both mentally and physically. The author condenses all she has learned in a life of the positive effects that come when one understands God and spirituality. A reader can easily identify how McClain draws wisdom from her grounded Christian-centered values, quoting biblical verses to make it relevant and applicable. Along with this, she includes factual accounts from psychology to strengthen her point further. 

About Aura D. McClain

Aura D. McClain is a Certified Professional Life Coach and ordained Christian minister. And now, she is an author after publishing her book, Happiness in Quantum Leaps. She was a former president and member of the Orange County Youth Motivation Task Force. She also was an aerospace engineer for twenty-five years for multiple companies. McClain was the first female engineer to work for Hughes Helicopter working on research about artificial intelligence. She was also one of the first engineers to develop a working expert system for McDonnell Douglas Space Systems. 

Working as a Life Coach, McClain coaches young adults on building their self-esteem and clarifying their goals related to areas of spirituality, education, getting a job, and real estate investing. Furthermore, she coaches on divorce and adult relationship improvement. One of her greatest achievements as a life coach was to help spiritually heal a soldier experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She strongly believes her success lies with her coaching clients on self-healing through spiritual and mental healing. 


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