Book Feature: Guardians of the Solar Shield by Sam Bleicher

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Guardians of the Solar Shield: Earth’s Climate Mirrors Under Attack 2029-37 is a climate sci-fi thriller by Sam Bleicher.

For the past decade or two, rarely do we encounter quality science fiction thrillers that focus on climate change and the politics behind it.

Guardians of the Solar Shield by Sam Bleicher is a climate science-fiction thriller. It’s filled with intrigue, political pressure, corruption, romance, and murder. 

Sam Bleicher’s latest novel centers on UN Solar Shield Project Corps (SSPC) Officers Kelly O’Rourke and Jay Bhattachar. Kelly O’Rourke’s excitement about becoming a UN Solar Shield Corps Officer is suddenly replaced with disappointment. She discovered the political pressure to misuse the Project’s capabilities. Kelly confides to Jay Bhattachar, Commander Fauré’s Aide. She suspects Fauré has covertly realigned one of the 480 solar mirrors to satisfy a Board Member.

Kelly and Jay must work together to expose and oppose the insiders skirting the rules and outsiders abusing the Project’s capabilities. 

Two Manhattan con men tricked a Wuhan computer firm into hacking the SSPC’s master computer. They turned the Commander’s action into a profitable extortion racket. This prompts Commander Fauré to send Jay, Kelly, and senior UN Security Officer Cheng to track down the con men. Their investigation takes them to Wuhan, Manhattan, and Moscow, narrowly escaping life-threatening encounters. 

Sam Bleicher’s Guardians of the Solar Shield is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller that will leave readers at the edge of their seats.

Other Published Works

Appointments: A Novel of Politics in Our Nation’s Capital (2013)

Published under the name David Carmell, the novel centers on a Senator from Alabama and his relentless pursuit to become the South’s first white Supreme Court Justice in decades. Set in 2014 and in the thick of Washington and national politics, Senator Augustus Williams plans to use all the resources and means at his disposal to finally see through his plan, which has taken him four years to build. His goal will change his life and the nation’s history. Unlike his other two novels, Appointments focuses more on politics, schemes, and conspiracies.

The Plot to Cool the World (2018)

In the summer of 2020, Canadian RCMP Officers are investigating the murder of outspoken climate scientist Ilsa Hartquist. They concluded that the motive for killing Hartquist was to silence her advocacy for a solar radiation management project. This would slow global warming and somehow affect power industries and corporations. The investigating group searched for the assassins and those who paid for them.

About the Author

Sam Bleicher was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and attended Omaha Central High School. Bleicher is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Northwestern University, Phi Beta Kappa, and Honors in Economics. He works as an Adjunct Law Professor at Georgetown University Law School in Washington DC.

 As an author, Sam Bleicher is particularly interested in climate sci-fi. He has written two novels, Guardians of the Solar Shield: Earth’s Climate Mirrors Under Attack 2029-37 (2021) and The Plot to Cool the Planet, A Novel (2018). Bleicher draws inspiration from his experience as a law firm partner, lobbyist, and senior official in the US Department of State, the US Department of Commerce National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and the Ohio EPA.

He also wrote and published an earlier work under the name David Carmell. He released the book APPOINTMENTS: A Novel of Politics in Our Nation’s Capital in 2013. Sam Bleicher also served as a Member and Vice-Chair of the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board. He has taught as a law professor in Ohio, D.C., Virginia, Moscow, and Beijing.

You purchase copies of all three books via Amazon, Barnes&Noble,, and local bookstores. You can also visit his author’s website for more updates and information.


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