Book Feature: Grey Feathers Led By Love of Country

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The Vietnam War is one of the more notable conflicts in which the United States of America was involved with. It is the fourth overall in the total number of Military deaths the country has accumulated during combat. Only the two world wars and the American Civil war have more number of American casualties. This loss of life made the conflict among the most controversial to the US public. These protests and subsequent disillusionment caused the United States government to end military involvement and reached out to North and South Vietnam as well as the Vietcong to sign a peace agreement that signaled the end of the massive conflict.

Despite the negative reception at the tail-end of the conflict, the public was very supportive of the country joining the battle. As such, it is of no surprise that most of those who joined the war were volunteers and not drafted. Estimates conclude that these volunteers composed more than three-quarters of the total US force in Vietnam. One of these people is Daniel M. Dewald, author of the book “Grey Feathers Led By Love and Country.”

Grey Feathers Led by Love of Country

Grey Feathers Led By Love of Country is a book by Daniel M. Dewald, a Vietnam War Veteran, on his experiences during the conflict. It uses operation reports, battle scenes, as well as magazine articles, interviews, and personal experiences from battles to paint a picture of the author’s time serving in the 3rd Battalion, 12th Infantry, 4th Division during the years 1967 to 1970. It is a story of great and capable people as well as unselfish and brave leaders. It talks about the horror of war and the courage to face such terror. It tells of what men become in the face of war. It is a story of the pressures these people face as they are forced to make quick and heavy decisions.

The book gets its title where comes from the titular grey feather, which was an Indian term. It is a tradition of the Native Americans to gift Indian braves colored feathers for every feat they accomplish. The first of these feathers were colored grey. The book details how this sacred tradition of giving feathers arrived in the army division from its more native and traditional beginnings.

Some exciting excerpts included in the book are the story about how the aforementioned feather is gifted to the Indian braves on his first remarkable feat accomplished, as well as the weight of respect the feather holds.

The book does not hide gritty and bloody details. One such story is that of combat with the North Vietnam Army soldiers. The intensity of the fight is heavily detailed, like the close and hand-to-hand combat that the soldiers of the 12th Infantry, 4th Division had to experience.

It also tells of success and camaraderie between the people of the 3rd Battalion, 12th Infantry, and 4th Division as they watch each other’s back and protect each other to survive while maintaining to be honorable and courageous in the face of enemy forces.

About the Author

Daniel M. Dewald was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War who served as a combat platoon leader. Dewald is a recipient of the Bronze Star for Valor and Silver Oak Leaf Cluster for his service. He shares the story of his time in the army in Grey Feathers Led By Love of Country.

After the war, Dewald graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was a recipient of an MBA degree. He also has a BS degree from Indiana University. He currently lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

You can buy Daniel’s book Grey Feathers Led By Love of Country on the author’s website or through Amazon.


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