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Family. Friends. Humiliation. Revenge. The plot thickens in the Family Reunion Story by Kennon A. Keith as the author takes its readers into a spellbinding journey into the life of Natalie Cordova. An antagonist or the protagonist of the story? That’s the suspense being held throughout the book’s pages as Kennon Keith weaves in and out the story, as the readers find themselves whether to love or hate its main character. Natalie Cordova is an example of society’s byproduct of someone who is rejected and bullied by people throughout her life. That is what the author has successfully shone the spotlight on. 

Bullying and Its Impact

The impacts of bullying on a person cannot be underestimated. One of the immediate impacts bullying has on its victim is the impact on the person’s emotional or psychosocial well-being. Especially if an individual is exposed long-term to bullying, the individual at the end of the bullying act is often reported to develop low self-esteem, withdrawn from society, and has the tendency to be reclusive or avoid other people later on in life. And if there is no appropriate intervention, victims of bullying will experience long-term effects such as difficulty in creating and maintaining relationships and, worse, depression. If a person’s psychosocial development is affected, often the person’s physical well-being is also affected. The physical impact of bullying is not only in the form of bruises and the wounds outwardly inflicted by the bully. The victim’s anger, frustration, bitterness, helplessness, and loneliness often lead to physical manifestations such as stomach diseases, skin diseases, and heart diseases. And if left unchecked and untreated, these conditions developed into much worse complications later on in the victim’s life. 

Bullying and the Society

Who is affected by bullying? Aside from the victim, the immediate family and the surrounding society are also vulnerable to bullying. Immediate family members often feel helpless when one of their family members falls victim to bullying. Without experience and proper training, they feel powerless and don’t know how to approach the situation, which makes them feel that they have failed, either as a parent or as a sibling. Society is also affected if there is no appropriate intervention to stop bullying or help bullying victims, as shown by the correlation between bullying and criminals. Studies have exhibited a connection between childhood bullying victims, juvenile criminality, and adult criminal liability. Because of the mental and emotional impact on the victim that affects their capacity to create and maintain healthy relationships with other people, their ability to relate to society, they further thrive on those negative emotions that lead them to commit criminal acts that are often regarded as an outlet of those bent up anger and frustration caused by the bullying. So, what seemed to be an issue that could have been prevented is now a blown-up problem affecting the entire immediate society.

Kennon A. Keith grabs hold of his readers through this transfixing, suspense story of the Family Reunion. The author also calls to attention the underlying problem that society has been facing, a problem that seems to be a disease penetrating through the depths of society that calls for urgent attention, intervention, and solution. Natalie Cordova is a classic example of a victim of bullying and rejection. Brought up with Christian values, the author seeks to entertain and aims to educate his readers about the importance of valuing each individual’s character and integrity.     

Want to find out more about Kennon A. Keith’s enigmatic Natalie Cordova? Head on to his website, and grab his latest copy of the Family Reunion.


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