Book Feature: Easter: McEaster Valley by Walter Hoge

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Easter: McEaster Valley is a heartwarming children’s illustrated book written by veterinarian Walter R. Hoge.

Walter R. Hoge is a veterinarian and the author of the unique inspirational children’s illustrated book Easter: McEaster Valley. When Walter’s wife passed away, a friend of his, who also lost his wife to cancer, told Walter that losing one’s wife makes you think of many things that you never believe could happen. So he just sat down and started writing about the essential things in his life, memories, and how grateful he was about the things that have happened in his life. The result was the manuscript for Easter: McEaster Valley. When Walter remarried, his wife and his mother-in-law encouraged Walter to finally finish the book. Today, we will learn a bit more about this beautiful and remarkable book about life.

Walter Hoge’s unique adventure tale makes us re-examine the truly essential things in life and achieve genuine happiness.

Easter: McEaster Valley is not your everyday children’s adventure book. It is a parable meant to celebrate the value of kindness and generosity. In his book, Walter R. Hoge encourages readers to ponder Mother Earth’s majesty and imagine a perfect and happy life without compensation. The unique children’s adventure tale features Walter and his dog along the way through an otherworldly valley into the mountains of the Sierra. It leads them to a remote area where a stranger guides them deep into a mountain cavern and another world (reminiscent of William P. Young’s The Shack). It is a place of tranquility, serenity, and incredible elegance. At first, Walter doesn’t want to abandon the paradise-like world until he realizes he is back in the foothills at dawn and makes his way home. 

Walter R.Hoge’s Easter: McEaster Valley encourages readers to consider life decisions based on the inherent order of events in their lives instead of taking actions based on whims and worldly desires. The book is dedicated to Walter’s children to share a universal message that we all must learn to embrace- the richest life does matter. Still, living a life of commitment without expecting monetary benefits will lead us to happiness and contentment.

Though Hoge’s work is essentially a children’s illustrated book, it is rich with life lessons that even adults should reconsider and embrace.

“Our mission is to try to help those on planet earth direct their attention, at least one day a year, toward their creator and what he has done for us. We accomplish this task by doing caring and fun things in such a way that everyone can participate. Their attention may be toward nature and its gift of life or towards the savior and his giving of his life for us so that we may have the gift of life. Or their attention may just be placed towards the family having a fun-filled day with hidden gifts, candy and toys.” –Excerpt from the Book.

Easter: McEaster Valley is rich with values and moral lessons that both children and adults will come to appreciate. It is a steady reminder that we much take care of what truly is essential- nature, moral values, character, good intentions, and the pursuit of happiness and contentment.

About the Author

Walter R. Hoge, DVM, earned his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Purdue University. He then went on to practice small animal veterinary medicine at Camden Pet Hospital. Easter: McEaster Valley is Walter R Hoge’s debut book, published in several scientific journals. Hoge is a proud father to five grown children and seventeen grandchildren. He currently resides in San Jose, California.

You can purchase Walter R.Hoge’s Easter: McEaster Valley via Amazon and Barnes&Noble. You can also visit his official author’s website for more updates about Walter R. Hoge and his works.


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