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The word is ever-changing. However, there are instances when people have deeply rooted prejudices, and behavior toward these may remain constant.

Despite the pandemic or the lockdowns affecting our lifestyles, news about racial hostility remains rampant – and these are only the documented incidents. Who knows how the actual numbers are behind the lenses. In rural communities mainly, these aggressions could have been easily overlooked. Indeed, the numbers concerning this type of discrimination are staggering. And to be part of the progressive portion of the population, it’s the people’s part to act and be more understanding and empathic toward the black community’s struggles.

While it’s nearly impossible to truly understand their pain – after all, experiences vary significantly for each individual – it’s still important to recognize the others’ struggles. Only then will we gain a genuine sense of peace and unity as people.

Racial aggression through one man’s eyes

King Bell is a businessman and real estate agent in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Besides his current responsibilities, he is also a published writer. He graduated with Business Administration from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in Tallahassee, Florida, back in 1999. He received his Master’s in Business Administration from Averett University in Danville, Virginia, in 2003. And if anyone can write about the possible unfair treatment and discrimination toward the black community, it would definitely be Mr. Bell. His up-close and personal experiences as a member of the United States Marine Corps for ten years may be able to provide him with enough insight for it.

In fact, with his background and history, King Bell has created a fictional world that relays all of his concerns and disappointment to the country he one’s served for. As a proud black man, Bell wrote this book in such a personal way. It may seem like he’s merely sharing what he had observed in his community. This brings his readers closer, and with a better comprehension of the fight they have been pursuing.

However, despite writing about his frustrations about the US as a black man, he addressed his non-black readers and clarified that the book isn’t specifically black. Instead, it’s a great book that any reader will definitely enjoy.

King Bell’s Book

American’t by King Bell is his means of expressing his annoyance toward America and its racial prejudices. Bell has written this book while recognizing that the things he’s frustrated with are common to other non-white individuals. And these issues are likewise discussed through their music, art, and books. This proves that this hostility isn’t an isolated issue that should be shrugged off. However, American’t isn’t only for the black community. It reaches out to those empathizing with their community, who are also agitated by the unfairness of society. This book isn’t only for those directly affected but is also for those who feel.

American’t is a fictional material based on six black men and the inequities they experience within the Corporate Plantation. It perfectly narrates and defines that being black in America isn’t only a reason to stand out physically, but it also comes with challenges the black community faces. And unfortunately, for some individuals, these challenges become factors they end up tolerating.

According to American’t, waking up black in the country is like a crime – that these people may feel as though they are walking escapees, always suspected or mistreated. Through this story, one will be able to observe the world through the eyes of these black men, and through King Bell’s narrative, they will also experience how it truly is living as a black person. American’t shows its readers how navigating around the corporate world, love, friendship for the black community can be utterly challenging.

While this may be literary fiction, what King Bell narrates throughout these pages isn’t far from reality.

Though most may not be able to observe and experience such discrimination in society, it doesn’t make it inexistent. Racial discrimination is still very rampant in today’s society, and American’t aims to make its readers realize that fact. This book’s most significant takeaway is that it makes people reflect on their behavior toward others.

If you’re interested in reading King Bells’s book, you can purchase it through Amazon or visit his website to learn more about him and his ideals.


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