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Believe In The Unbelievable, Faith Will Light Your Path.


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Written after the death of her son Charlie, Beyond Life is a fantasy/paranormal book by J. A. Diller. The book delves deeply into a number of serious issues that both families and young people must deal with in our society.


Beyond Life was written primarily to inspire parents and to give them real hope that there is life after losing a child. Though the death of a child is the most heart-rending issue any parent can face, Diller shows us that we must not give up on life; we must live on. More than that, we live on with our loved ones beside us still. I’ll write more about the Author’s Lounge later.


Beyond Life does not stop there, however. Many other issues that affect young people are addressed and dealt with in ways that are both non-threatening and highly entertaining. These include:


  • Depression
  • Self-image
  • Bias
  • Bullying


While these issues can certainly have negative effects, they can be seen from another perspective, serve as a catalyst for growth. Diller takes the less-traveled path. The primary message in Beyond Life is hope and the message is crystal clear:
With family, faith, and courage, nothing is impossible


Author’s Lounge is a very welcoming place for us Author’s.


Here I am in the Author’s Lounge getting ready to post my updates of the Beyond Life series I am working on. It’s an adventure novel in memory of my oldest son Charlie, who now resides in Heaven with my parents on a farm.


I also took time away to work on a small book titled Life at Saint John’s Court which is in the Author Lounge about Bullying. If only we could push a button and make all the terrible, bias, disappear, children are the most important part of being us.


How many more books are found in the Author’s Lounge on this subject?




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