Benefits of Anthology That Authors Love Them

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There are significant benefits of anthology for authors if they commit to writing good stories that entice audiences.

Of course, the idea of an anthology is nothing new, and the reasons publishers and authors alike produce them are many. Benefits of anthology comes in many forms, depending on the style and narrative that the author shares to his or her readers.

Here are some of the significant and practical reasons:

Minimal time investment 

If there is one thing you learned about being involved in producing an anthology, it’s the time commitment required to put an entire book together. You would spend months (years) writing the bones of your book and vetting through known editorials. The bulk of your project is complete, but the process has just begun.

Low financial risk 

Publishing a book is far from free; people know that by now. While there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to go, at some point, you will still be responsible for fronting some publishing costs. When you’re part of an anthology, you’re not responsible for publishing costs, just purchasing whatever copies you want for yourself, friends, family, neighbors, or anyone else on your list. Anthologies are a great option for authors on a budget who may not have the financial freedom to publish a book without the guarantee of making back the costs in royalties.

Connecting with other authors 

When an anthology debuts, all the authors start coming out of the woodwork to post about their pieces and promote the book. You begin to see these authors come across your social media feeds, some reach out to chat, and others will tag you online to talk about your work and how much they loved it. In a world with millions of authors to connect with, anthologies are a fantastic way to connect directly with like-minded creatives and start building genuine friendships. 

Furthermore, if you enjoyed the anthology piece, you will seek out other work by that author. Stories that are short and can be scanned. This makes the book easy to digest, just like Brian Clements’ book.

Excerpts From The Books: Anthology Of Short Stories And Poems II by Brian Clements

Excerpt from “The Arch Fiend”

John then heard three taps. That meant the third floor, which was also the top floor. He then headed for one end of the hallway, hoping to find some stairs. Nothing at the first end he went to. He then waded through the water to the other side. He didn’t see anything there either.

He then looked closely at the water next to the wall and saw some movement in the water as if it was going behind it. Studying it, John pushed slightly against the wall and noticed that it gave way just a tad.

He then pushed it more and noticed that it was a false wall with some stairs. That’s a relief. Instead of hurrying through the door, Taylor decided to walk slower in case there were more traps.

As he took one step, he suddenly felt a light breeze and decided to take action. When suddenly, a sharp-edged pendulum came down and swung across the stairwell. John falls back to save himself and lands back in the water.

‘What more can happen?’ he said out loud.

Excerpt From “My Dear True Friend”

Besides hiking, fishing, and going to many places.

She also likes to do 5K races.

I’m not sure if she carries a Luger.

But I pray she watches her blood sugar.

When she gets upset, you better watch out.

She knows some choice words, and she won’t pout.

When I look into her baby blues

I sense she has shed some tears.

She goes through life like she has nothing to lose…

Author’s Profile

Brian was born in Washington, D.C., and raised along the beaches of Northwest Florida. He attended Gulf Coast Community College and The University of West Florida. His faithful love is writing. Brian finally got the courage to publish his very first book, Anthology of Short Stories and Poems, released in 2019. Brian continues to write poetry and short stories, hoping to inspire you to explore your imagination and take you on the adventures of a lifetime. Brian currently lives in Colorado Springs.


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