Barbara Lyons Slade: Source of Inspiration and Empowerment

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Today we are going to revisit author Barbara Lyon Slade and her works that have inspired many readers.

Barbara Lyons Slade: The Power of Spoken Words

Barbara Lyons Slade is no stranger to ReadersMagnet. We have featured her story and works in the past articles. Barbara Lyons Slade is the author of three inspiring spiritual books. A graduate of King’s College and Seminary in Van Nuys, Slade holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theological Studies. Aside from being a prolific writer, Barbara Lyons Slade is blessed with the gift of tongue and is actually a great public speaker. She uses the gift to inspire others in their spiritual journey. With her words, she guides both young minds and those who are uncertain to achieve wisdom and maturity in seeking out God’s grace and purpose in life. She makes herself available for Bible group studies, outreach events, conferences, retreats, and other community group activities in the hopes that her life-giving words may shine on the lives of others.

Enlightening Others through the Written Word

Along with her talent for giving public speeches, Barbara is most known for her literary works. Since 2013, Barbara Lyons Slade has published three inspiring non-fiction works. All three of them are spiritual guide books, two of which belong to the Prophetic Affirmation volumes, and the other is a devotional guide.  

In 2013, Barbara Lyons Slade released her first major work, Possess the Purpose. This 31-day devotional guide book centers on knowing one’s self and purpose in life. The book draws major inspiration from the Bible, in particular, the Book of Ephesians. Barbara Lyons Slade imparts to her readers many valuable insights on how we can listen to God’s direction and purpose for us. Author and bible expert Barbara Lyons Slade uses the text from the Ephesians to guide us in building a solid rock spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. Process the purpose invites us to revisit the Bible and to embrace a new outlook, one that will benefit us and help us become better stewards of God. Process the purpose is designed to be a guide in bible group studies and small discussions. In the same year, Barbara Lyons Slade also published her second work and the first of the Prophetic Affirmation books, Live in the Moment. The 184-page guidebook is a discussion on the power of God’s voice and how we should ‘say what God says.’ Slade reaffirms the power of the spoken word and how it also entails responsibility. She means that we should all speak truly and with the wisdom and guidance of the Lord. Barbara Slade’s Live in the Moment also features essential insights as well as personal reflections about how God’s voice can transform our ideas well and grant us with the power to fulfill our Purpose to Him and His people. With her extensive knowledge of the Holy Bible, author Barbara Lyons Slade speaks with authority about the topics and ideas discussed in this uniquely remarkable work.

The latest among Barbara Lyons Slade’s body of works is the 2019 book Bread from Heaven. It is the second book from the Prophetic Affirmation series. This unique book features an unlikely spiritual topic and a completely different approach. The book actually talks about the food we eat and how our eating habits contribute to our spiritual well-being. Bread from Heaven takes a look at a more healthy approach to our eating habits and confronts how we discipline ourselves when it comes to indulgence and unhealthy routines. Barbara Lyons Slade guides her readers and teaches them to avoid indulgence and food addiction. Using inspirational readings, testimonies, prayers, and prophetic affirmations, Bread from Heaven is a work that will educate and enlighten many young readers, especially today that most people do not know the concept of gluttony and excesses.

Today, Barbara Lyons Slade continues to impact other people’s lives through her public speeches, books, and other events related to her published works. If you want to be inspired by Barbara Lyons Slade’s work, grab a copy of her books or visit her website today.


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