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ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge takes a closer look at the works of Doreen L. Hatton.

Doreen L. Hatton is the author of the book Then Sings My Soul, published in 2018. Doreen was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She came from a big family and is naturally shy. Hatton’s book is about family and faith.

Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul is a touching story about a family coming to grips with the loss of their beloved. The story begins with the death of Samuel Langston. Samuel was struck by a car while crossing the street to his home one night which resulted in his untimely death. The car was driven by a fifteen-year-old boy. Aaron only has a learner’s permit which does not allow him to drive a car unaccompanied by a licensed driver, especially at night. Aaron is detained at a juvenile facility.

Because the Langston family are religious Christians and believe in forgiveness, Lily convinces the court to give the boy Aaron probation and community service. Lily believes that the boy responsible for her husband’s death deserves a second chance. However, Rose believes that her dad’s killer should rot in jail.

As the family is grieving, Lily and the girls continue their usual activities. The Langstons are active in their church. Lily and the girls are talented musicians and often perform at church as well as in the community functions. They also learn that Aaron also sings and plays guitar. Soon the girls and Aaron discover many things about each other and they bond. Together, Rose and Aaron discover the joy of forgiving and with the help of music, they learn that there’s more to life than grieving and being hateful. Then Sings My Soul is Doreen Hatton’s inspirational masterpiece.

Doreen Hatton in America Tonight with Kate Delaney.

Doreen Hatton Blog

Doreen Hatton is committed to sharing her faith with others and to inspire people through her talent as a writer. This 2019, Doreen started another project aside from her book Then Sings My Soul. Through her website, Doreen launched the Doreen Hatton Blog. Here you can find many blog articles written Doreen herself. There are a couple of guest articles as well.

The topics in Doreen Hatton’s blog section varies. The articles talk about forgiveness, dealing with loss, creativity, values, and strengthening the family.

This year, Doreen published two articles from contributors. The recent one discussed the value of forgiveness. The January article featured tips on How to Write Truly Inspiring Stories. Both are beneficial for Doreen Hatton’s readers.

Dorren Hatton Blog also extends the life-lessons that we encounter in her book Then Sings My Soul. Two of Doreen’s blog articles, Losing a Father: How to Deal with Child Grieving and The Sadness of Losing a Husband, both tackle the realities of losing a loved one. In the book, Doreen wrote about the grief of Lily and Rose over the death of Samuel. Samuel is Lily’s husband and Rose’s father. The said articles provide details describing the loss, how it impacts the family, and above all, offer insights on how to accept the loss and to heal in time. While the articles are not exactly an extension to the book, they offer valuable lessons that are found in Doreen Hatton’s Then Sings My Soul.

Overall, Doreen Hatton’s works are both consistent and life-changing. They inspire readers to keep the faith. They help those who are suffering from loss to understand their situation and overcome whatever sadness they are feeling. Doreen Hatton’s works both provide lessons and pleasant literary experience through and through.


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