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My name is Stacie and I have been reading books since I was 5 years of age. When I started writing, I started young because I had to learn how to write, especially my name. I live in Southern California and been here all my life.

My love for writing came in 2012. When I started this journey, I knew I wanted to be a writer, but I didn’t think, it would happen. I kept trying and never gave up.

Now since my book is going to be published this year, I can’t call myself a published author until I see my book online and in my hands. Besides writing, I enjoy being with my fiancé and my kids. I also love to read books when I’m not busy dealing with my family.

What is Your Family Like?

My family and I love going for long drives in the desert and that’s when I get my ideas for my stories. My love for trains came when I saw the BNSF Railway out in the desert.

I, Stacie, will say this about the book, the story takes place at Joshua Tree National Park and my main character must find the guy who murdered her sister and her friends, but she wants revenge. She will find out in the 2nd book who the guy was and why he did it.

Since my book publishing goals is for this year, I aim is to work on my 2nd book because it goes with the first book. I hope, I can get my 2nd book done by fall of 2021 or 2022.

Why Did You Choose ReadersMagnet?

Why I chose Readers Magnet? Well, I didn’t know who they were about until I talked to Chris Breva, an author, who told me about them and I wanted to try it and now I’m glad I took a chance on them and I will use them for my 2nd book when I’m done writing it.

I have to say, they are very kind and want the best for you. I will recommend them to anyone who would take a chance on them.

The journey that you had in writing the book.

In the summer of 2012, my writing started and this has been a journey for me and it wasn’t easy for me to get to this point. I had my kids and while they were growing up, I started writing stories, but I didn’t finish them because of my personal life.

How Did You Finish Your Book Despite the Challenges?

I managed to get writing done mostly at night because that was the only time I could get my writing done so that was a challenge itself. So, whenever my kids were asleep and my fiance went home for night, I started writing my book and I would even do some research on the internet for characters names and google earth to find the places.

It was a challenging time but I think what did it for me, I never gave up on my writing and my daughter even asked me, if she can be in my book but I used her description and personality. Now since writers block got me, there was no book publishing in 2021, which was my initial schedule. However, I was eventually able to finish it. It was hard at first but I knew that being a writer and publishing my book was what I really want.

Do You have a Website?

Lastly, I want to say, it has been a wonderful experience for me and I’m enjoying it very much. I, Stacie, do have a webpage on WordPress so please check it out and stay informed on when my book will be out. I will be posting more when I know the website will be up on the Internet.


  1. Kristina T

    Congratulations Stacie, what a great journey your writing has taken you.

    • Stacie

      Thank you so much and it feels good to accomplish something I’ve always wanted to do finally. I’m going to keep going and never give up on my writing.


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