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ReadersMagnet prides on making every author shine. With a list of publishing and marketing services that they can enjoy, it’s surely a promise they intend to keep. Through their self-publishing Authors Lounge, they’re set on taking that promise to the next level.

The colorful and creative world of publishing rarely gives the public a chance to get to know the authors up close and personal or see how the writing and self-publishing processes go behind the scenes.  However, that’s all about to change. It’s time to make ReadersMagnet’s authors and their stories shine every week.

With that in mind, Author of the Week features the spotlight on Lynda Sturdevant’s inspiring journey to becoming one of the successful self-publishing authors of ReadersMagnet. Here’s her story.

From Humble Beginnings to Creating an Exciting World

Lynda Sturdevant, a Missouri native, is the author of the inspiring and exciting children’s book titled “The Adventures of Superfeet: The Awesome Book.” As this week’s story shines on Lynda’s journey in the self-publishing Authors Lounge, many aspiring authors and eager readers will discover how this book came to be.

Before she started creating this wonderful and adventure-filled read, she grew up in a family and a community that helped strengthen her faith in God and shaped her into becoming the woman she is today.

As the years formed her religious and spiritual foundation, it also brought her countless of lessons that she has kept through the years. Now, she resides in Cleveland, Missouri where she and her husband raised their three wonderful sons. Not only that, she currently serves as a Worship Director and an Associate Pastor with Last Harvest Cowboy Church

Taking inspiration from her strong faith and wonderful upbringing, she brings life to a fun and faith-filled adventure that will delight young readers and the young at heart. After crafting her exciting tale, she made her inspiring adventure story come alive by putting her trust in ReadersMagnet publishing service and many other services that helped her book truly soar.

The road to getting a book published is never an easy one. In fact, Just Publishing Advice guest writer Lisa Brown shares that “Finding a publisher is not an easy task these days, even if you have a potential bestseller done and dusted.” However, it won’t be as difficult once authors find a self-publishing company that will help make their dreams into a reality.

Now that Lynda successfully harvested the fruits of her labor with the help of the self-publishing company that she can trust, she is now focused on making her story known and reaching out to a wider audience through participating in book fairs and setting up her online presence through ReadersMagnet marketing services.

Dreams Do Come True

Indeed, Lynda’s self-publishing journey proves that with hard work, determination, and getting help from the right people, dreams can definitely become a wonderful reality. Success stories like these will surely show aspiring authors a thing or two about making their own dreams come true.

As the days go by, there will be more inspiring stories to discover, insights to learn, and surprises in store for ReadersMagnet’s self-publishing Authors Lounge. Everyone should definitely find out what comes next!


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