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Linda Seay’s Story in “Our Miracle After Midnight” Attest to the Saving Power of God The book serves as a testimonial to the power of faith and prayer.

Christian author Linda Seay shares an amazing testimony of how great God is in her concise yet spiritually impacting memoir Our Miracle After Midnight (Covenant Books; 2019).

Our Miracle After Midnight is written from the author’s account as a mother who experienced the greatness of God and His marvelous healing power. In her book, she narrates how she handled the accident of her son who was involved in a horrific car accident on October 3, 2013 – through persistent prayer and faith in God’s power.

As a prayer warrior, the author knows how prayer keeps her anchored to God. She counts it as joy to encourage and pray for her family, pastors, church family, and others while witnessing God’s supernatural power, grace, and favor manifest in challenging situations. As a mother, she received a call that all parents fear. As God’s faithful, she received the answer to her fervent prayer to God.

The author’s story in Our Miracle After Midnight will help readers reinforce their belief that nothing is impossible with God. As readers reflect on her story, they will come across Scripture passages that will encourage them to believe and grow in their prayer life.

A book that is impossible to put down, Linda Seay’s Our Miracle After Midnight is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

 “This 22-page book will draw you in as you read it, to share in the emotions as we walk through this time of crisis.” Linda Seay

Author Bio

Linda is a retired registered dental hygienist (providing treatment and preventative care to the military aboard Camp Lejeune, NC). Taught Women’s Sunday school for 8 years, and held Bible study in a local nursing home for 7 years. Linda is one of 5 prayer leaders on her church prayer line, praying and declaring God’s promises. Linda along with her husband served as leaders of marriage ministry for over 15 years. Linda, along

with her husband serves as as Prepare–Enrich certified facilitators, working with married and engaged couples, using the assessment to help couples strengthen their relationships. Linda working as a Prepare – Enrich trainer, trains and certifies others by holding workshops (including virtual workshops), to become certified Prepare-Enrich facilitators, to be able to work with married and engaged couples to help them in strengthening their relationships. Linda has an Associate of Applied Science, Coastal Caroline Community College (1977); Bachelor of Science, Religion, Liberty University (2012); and Master of Arts in Human Services: Marriage and family, Liberty University (2013). Linda and her husband, John, are active and faithful members of their church, Without Limits Christian Center of New Bern, NC. They are proud parents of four adult children and seven grandchildren.


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