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My book “Who Are Those People Back There?” “A Lil Giant Called Manners,” “Goodness Gracious Grumbling is Contagious,” “Nobody is Somebody,” and “Get Well Quick, Hospital for the Sick.”

One of the statements in almost every book is, “Now this story is real, and you know it is true.” I try to provide substance to the story, something that children can remember and put into practice.  Rhyming is a writing style I developed in all of my books.

I have parents tell me that the young children (2 – 3) pick out one of my books because they enjoy the rhyming.  Most of my stories are something that I have experienced. In the book “Who Are Those People Back There?” I actually rode the bus that had the African American Citizens sit in the back. I thought nothing of this when I was seven or eight years of age. As time went on, I better understood what was happening in our small community. I thought about writing a book describing the climate, as well as the culture, so that the reader could be a part of the demographics of the day. I had never thought of writing a book before, but I had a burning inside to put my feelings on paper. This was when I was in high school. I started writing poems and short stories.

Sandra Birchfield’s Stories

A “Lil Giant Called Manners” is a curriculum guide for guidance counselors. We have six characters, and each child has a social problem that he or she is dealing with. MARCO Products sells the program. Buyers receive a teacher’s manual, a storybook that contains the problem that each of the children is dealing with and how Manners intervenes. He helps them to solve the problem by talking through it until they realize the circumstances. The program also has a chant, a song, activities, and a CD, all for thirty dollars.

Parents that read books to their children have children with better vocabularies, better self-esteem, and many other worthy attributes. The book “Goodness Gracious, Grumbling is Contagious” is a story that I call my funny story. Papa Possum lives in a tree with three other possums. Papa’s name is “Papa Oomph.” A car once hit him, and his name became the sound it makes when he’s hit.

A story that invites each of us to be on the alert for the “grumbling bug,” which is very contagious. A family of opossums finds it difficult to remain living in their tree because a family with a grumbling bug invaded it.

I felt extremely overwhelmed by the generous compliments that another author gave to my book, “nobody is SOMEBODY.” The thread that runs so true is that it is a true story, and children need to learn to be good decision-makers. 

Once they feel impaired in expressing themselves, the more self-confidence they will gain. nobody tried different recreational activities. However, he did not feel that they were in his best interest.  When he started the ‘ “Spelling Bee,” he was in his own little world.”

Finally, Nobody is Somebody

A book for all ages that lets us each discover if we use our good voice each and every day be kind and good, grumbling will stay away.  “Nobody is Somebody” is the fourth book that I have written. It is about a little boy who does not like sports. He likes puzzles and games that challenge his brain. 

His coach attempts to get him interested in sports. But he has no desire to play any kind of ball. A big event comes to the school, and nobody becomes Somebody. It develops good self-esteem when a child can fulfill a dream of “saving the day.”

I will release “Get Well Quick, Hospital for the sick” in a few more days. It is a story of a little girl.  She is very afraid of a hospital because she had never been inside one. This book was written to help relieve the anxiety about a child going to the hospital or one of their relatives such as a grandmother.  I had a friend come to me and ask if I would write a book about a hospital. She further explained that a friend of hers has a friend whose grandchild is very fearful about her grams going to the hospital. I tried to make it very user friendly.


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