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ReadersMagnet welcomes Deidra Bynum, author of the “Unsung Women of the Bible” series.

There are many women writers out there whose literary works, whether fiction or not, have inspired and empowered not only women but also those of the opposite sex, leaders, and the whole world. From master female writers such as Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, Gertrude Stein to modern champions of women’s literature, the likes of Maya Angelo, Arundhati Roy, and Isabelle Allende, there is no shortage of amazing storytellers. In celebration of International Women’s Month, ReadersMagnet is proud to welcome one of today’s most interesting female authors whose works are not only unique but provide a remarkable contribution to our understanding of women’s struggle, triumphs, and journey- Deidra Bynum.

Deidra Bynum is not your average female storyteller. She seeks to be a ‘Fisher of Men’, writing stories inspired by the greatest book ever written- The Bible.

Deidra Bynum is a retired police officer from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, a mother of two, and a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. Bynum’s interest in literature started at a young age. She was fascinated with love stories but never thought that she would grow up to become a writer of Bible-theme works one day. According to the young author, she has been ‘handpicked and anointed by God and has been given the mission of writing unsung characters in the Bible, particularly women characters from the Bible. Many of these characters are extraordinary human beings whose struggles, triumphs, and stories are certainly worth telling.

“Unsung Women of the Bible,” a seven-part series by Deidra Bynum. Each book is divided into two parts. The first part of each book features a female character from the Bible; under-examined, misunderstood, and seldom celebrated women of the Bible and why they shouldn’t be relegated as mere footnotes in Biblical history. Bynum has already published four out of seven books. The latest is Judah’s Tamar (In Her Shoes), published in 2021. Before that, Bynum released Jacob’s Leah (In Her Shoes) released in 2015. In 2018, she released King David’s Abigail (In Her Shoes). Deidra Bynum published Abram’s Hagar (In Her Shoes) Diaries during the pandemic.

Judah’s Tamar presents an exciting story of a court trial, the pursuit of truth and justice, surrogacy, and six-modern narratives highlighting the consequences of human emotions.

ReadersMagnet is excited to partner with a powerful storyteller in Deidra Bynum as she continues to share her inspiring stories with the world.

Deidra Bynum’s works are not only focused on paying tribute to the women of the Bible. They also explore God’s divine purpose and plans through these stories of love, joy, sorrow, pain, despair, betrayal, and the dilemmas humans find ourselves throughout our journey in life.

Deidra Bynum’s future works include Samson’s Delilah Dilemma (Confessions), a book revisiting the famous Nazirite warrior who wasted his life and strength because of his love and lust for Delilah. Other titles that will surely excite fans are Moses’s Zipporah (Letters) and Her of Samaria (Testimonies). These, along with her old works, offer readers new perspectives on the Bible and its characters, different portraits of women, and valuable lessons relevant today.

To know more about Deidra Bynum and her works, you can purchase copies of her published books by visiting today’s official website,


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