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Hi friends, Once again I would like to than Author’s Lounge for their continued support.  I hope you are well and enjoying life to the fullest.  Life can be tough and not easy at times.  Life happens and we have no control over many things that interrupt our lives.  The one thing we do have control over is how we handle it. We have a choice to be the victim or be the conqueror.  We can look at life and be thankful for all the things we have and count our blessings or go to a dark place and say “Why me” … I myself choose to be a conqueror.  Life as they say “It is what it is”.  So, I am going to share two life experiences that just recently happened to me One was the death of my very best friend in the entire world.  My mom was my best friend even growing up as a child and through my teens she was the best.

She was the best mom ever and she was always there for me.  As I got older we would travel together, go shopping, dine, and help each other whenever needed.  She was my soulmate.  I knew that chances were that she would probably pass before me. I use to imagine living without my best friend to try to help myself when the day came. However, soon I would not let my mind go there because my heart would take over.  It became unbelievably painful.  The day would come soon enough and it did.  On September 8th, 2019 my mom passed away at 96. My mom was loved by many and the “She lived a good long life”, So sorry for your loss”, You were so lucky to have her” came rolling in through cards, visits, phone calls and more.  I knew that, and people meant well but my heart was broken but not beyond repair.  You never get over losing someone but you do learn to live with the loss.  Again, I did grieve and I still grieve but I remember the good times.  I feel her in my heart and in my soul and I know she will never leave me.

Our body is just a casing but our true selves is our soul.  A soul never dies.  The soul carries everyone they ever loved and everyone who ever loved them.  So they never truly leave you.  If you can believe this, it truly helps you through the days that are sometimes difficult.  You will see them again and that is my belief.  I hope you can think about this and I hope it helps you with a loved one you may have lost.    Writing a blog for me can sometimes be difficult in various ways.  It can be very emotional. Author’s Lounge treats you as a friend more than a business partner. It truly has been a blessing to me.

Experience # two was the loss of hearing in one of my ears due to a ear infection that turned into a virus.  As a result, I have 8% hearing in my ear.  I remember answering the phone one day and I couldn’t hear anything. At first I thought it was the phone.  I kept saying hello but could not hear a response.  This frightened me. I wasn’t sure what was happening but I was certainly going to find out.   I made an appointment with my primary care.  I was told that I got a virus that deafened me in one ear.  It was irreversible and my hearing would not come back.  I couldn’t believe that one day I could hear perfectly and the next day I had been diagnosed with hearing loss. After many tests and exams by the doctor the result was deafness and I should by the audiologist for hearing aids.  Well, I did get hearing aids.  Can I hear like before? Absolutely not!

The clarity is often distorted and it is difficult to hear especially at a restaurant and with a group of people.  I would say the only time I can really hear without too much difficulties is if I am alone with a friend and they are directly in front of me when they are talking.  It has been a real adjustment for me.  However, I looked closely at my situation and again I told myself “it is what it is”, So Jacqui, how are you going to handle this one.  Again, my choice.  “Poor me!” or conqueror.  I still have hearing in one ear.  I could of lost hearing in both ears.  I consider myself blessed. So, again life never promised us a rose garden but we can choose to pick the flowers or the weeds in the garden of life. I am so thankful to Author’s Lounge.  Blessings to all my friends. May the angels always carry you on their wings.


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