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ReadersMagnet features Wayne Scott Harral, author of the space sci-fi book Moon Luck.

Wayne Scott Harral recently captured our attention with his debut novel Moon Luck, a story of astronauts living on the moon. He also joined ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual book fair, The Festival of Storyteller. Today, we will learn more about the author behind the space sci-fi mystery novel that’s making a buzz this year.

Education and Career

Wayne Scott Harral is a former Coast Guard, a private pilot, a civil engineer, and an author. He has been around since 1975 and has traveled to many places around the world. Most of Wayne Scott Harral’s years were spent working with infrastructures. He has made a career of providing construction management services, mainly in the rail industry throughout the United States. 

As an engineer, Wayne Scott Harral holds BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering and an MBA. He has spent a great deal working abroad, including the opportunity to work in Qatar and the Middle East. Harral notes his work experiences in the Middle East as a particularly eye-opener experience. 

One of the things he is fond of is travel. Wayne Scott Harral has visited more than 40 countries and considers the Italian Alps as his favorite. He visits the place every year. These travels and encounters have opened his eyes to the varied culture and lifestyle each country offers. 

Aside from traveling and seeing different countries, Wayne Scott Harral has other hobbies martial arts, flying, and winemaking. He likes to enjoy an active lifestyle. Harral is a holder of two black belts in Martial Arts. He is also interested in the unique discipline that astronauts go through to be physically and mentally fit.

Wayne Scott Harral’s interest in astronauts, space travel, and NASA led to thoughts about humans’ possibility on the moon. When a close friend of his wrote a book that seemingly lacked detail, Scott wished that his author-friend would describe the beauty of Tuscany, Italy accurately and in detail. It made him entertain the possibility of finally writing his own novel, one that would not fall short on detail and descriptions. The novel would be entitled Moon Luck, and it would catapult Wayne Scott Harral as one of the relevant space sci-fi authors of today.

First Space Sci-Fi Book

Last year, Wayne Scott Harral published his debut novel, Moon Luck. A space sci-fi murder and mystery thriller, Moon Luck, features the story of 30 astronauts living on the Moon for extended periods. They are a population consisting of several astronaut scientists and astronaut-explorers currently conducting and examining various possibilities on the moon, such as growing plants, finding minerals, and doing other experiments. These researches caused the inhabitants to animosities as well as close relationships during their time on the Moon. The close relationship and camaraderie among the taikonauts are very evident. 

However, the whole population of the moon is suddenly shaken after the death of one of its inhabitants. One of the base’s senior members died in an accident. Later, it was discovered to be a lie. The investigation points out to a yet unidentified perpetrator. In a distant future where moon travel and long expeditions are already possible, Wayne Scott Harral’s Moon Luck presents many exciting realities. In his book, Harral details how the murder investigation is conducted from Earth and on the Moon. 

The book does not end with the discovery of the perpetrator. Moon Luck puts forward new questions based on these events, such as how do you get that person back to Earth? What do you do with a murdered body on the Moon?

To know more about Wayne Scott Harral and his space sci-fi book, Moon Luck, you can purchase a copy online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, or Outskirts Press. You can also visit his official author website today.


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