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Before being an author, Clark Boutwell works as a physician who teaches and gives care to newborn infants.

Walter Clark Boutwell is a gentleman born in Chicago and raised outside Philadelphia. Clark spent most of his time ever since he was 18 years old studying to be a physician, practicing this work, and teaching it to others. He is working as a physician who teaches and gives intensive care to newborn infants. When he isn’t busy with work, Clark likes to hike long-distance, climb, and travel. In fact, he has traveled to Kenya, Rwanda, India, and Ecuador as a volunteer physician.

Clark Boutwell started to write in the middle of his seventh decade. He initially planned to write a short story for his first work, but he eventually found his passion in writing. He has published four books under his series called Old Men and Infidels and is currently writing his fifth installment to this series.

Walter Clark Boutwell found inspiration to write OMAI in his observation about the world getting older and younger.

The primary theme in his fictional universe centers on the distinctions between a young and an old society. He wrote his books to explore how the average age of the world has fallen to the teens and that half of the population is even younger than his favorite dress shoes. The series Old Men and Infidels was written to explore this phenomenon and how it currently affects our perception of aging, truth, and faith.

His OMAI universe tackles the usual disdain society shows for older people and the instances of them getting rejected or pushed aside. His books focus on the politics of aging, drug use, medical care, society, cybernetics, and faith set in a future dystopian America. In this universe, the young and the old are separated into two societies, emphasizing the disparity between the different age groups.

Clark’s OMAI Universe is banked on a prevalent issue in modern society.

OMAI is about two countries with opposite age profiles that run their societies differently. One retires everyone once they turn 40 years old, while the other country doesn’t mandate that people retire from old age despite their life expectancy doubling above average.

Outland Exile

The first book by Walter Clark Boutwell centers on Lieutenant Malila Chui. After the catastrophic war, The Unity – their form of government – rules from the East Coast citadel, leaving the savages and strangely altered plants to The Outlands. The Utility provides free health care and employment to its citizens and has mandated retirement at 40. This law is said to prevent fatigue from contaminating the country’s culture of youth.

In this book, Malila left the country and ventured into The Outlands to repair a damaged station. And this journey takes its readers on a wild ride that involves political intrigue and Malila’s survival against a harsh environment and humanity.

Exiles’ Escape

The second book follows Malila as she’s forced into a moral predicament when she realizes that The Unity only has control over their country by illusion. After escaping this illusion, she joins forces with Hecate Jones to return to The Outlands. On their journey, they encounter an injured man named Will Butler, who’s also on the same journey as them.

Malila of the Scorch

The third book in this series focuses on Malila being hunted by Jesse Johnstone. In this period, things have changed. Malila becomes an ambassador of the sentient plants of the Scorch. In this installment, the readers are told how Jesse accompanies Malila to a peace conference in America to forge a union in light of the upcoming Unity invasion.

The Silence and The Gods

The fourth and latest addition to Clark’s series is set when The Great Western Demarchy has become silent. In this section, America has decided to determine its fate by looking for new information about Unity.

So far, these are the published books by Clark. Suppose you’re interested in diving deeper into the chaotic systems and conflicts between The Unity and The Outlands. In that case, you can purchase this book by Waler Clark Boutwell via Amazon. You may also visit his website for updates regarding his upcoming books, especially his fifth installment.


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