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The Book of It by Scott Rahn is not the ultimate and single explanation of the author’s uncovering and research, but it is a start.

Learning is made more enjoyable with the help of books. There is nothing more satisfying than a good book that is both entertaining but also imparts lasting knowledge. Mind-expanding books can cover topics ranging from philosophy, science, culture, and humanity that feeds any curious reader. Reading mind-expanding books moves anyone forward in life, if not, it may leave you paralyzed in life. There’s a plethora of books available, but it’s not about the number of books one reads to be knowledgeable; rather, it’s the books that makes a difference. ReadersMagnet found the perfect book that sets the stage of learning and discovery, The Book of It. However, today, we will be getting to know more about the author Scott Rahn.

Scott Rahn

Born on the 1960s, author Scott Rahn grew up in a family of farmers on an Illinois farm. At such a young age, Scott became aware of the inner workings of the world after experiencing natural and manmade causes that could possibly affect the future, both good and bad. It was also around that time, when the young Scott questions what is accepted as the way thing often are and why.

And as a full-fledged adult, Scott Rahn’s curiosity also grew. He came to question the why of almost everything in humanity’s world and the beliefs that guided those things. He began studying various topics, including cultures, histories, literature, religion, their texts, and the legends of the world. It was then he discovered the something he calls as the “It,” which was the point of his first book, The Book of It.

Over time he came to many realization and reluctantly believe that this “It” had to be real and that the signs of its existence is everywhere and sometimes across all time. Only with an open mind can one see this “It” and the signs.

This name “It” started as a simple identifier for his idea which develops into an actual name. Scott was honest that he has never been able to discover a more perfect defining moniker for this idea. He believes that “It” was the only perfect word to describe what he discovered.

The Book of It

The Book of It by Scott Rahn might come off as a bit cryptic and enigmatic, but if readers further delve into the text, an incredible journey to knowledge and wisdom is experienced. Explore, dissect, and understand various ideas and topics regarding ancient civilization, old science, history, and also modern varied cultures on Rahn’s book.

This book, despite tackling almost everything, holds not the ultimate and single explanation of the universe. This is only a small part of the “It” the author has uncovered by years of reading, research, and teachings of others.

The Book of It is not some grand conspiracy nor is it a story of people blinded by desires and glories. Rather this is a compilation of stories of a strand of common legends and stories of once-great empires and people probably long forgotten by humanity. Ignorance is a bliss but knowledge is power. Scott Rahn’s book opens up possibilities of opening your mind to more than you think you know.

This book will fill readers with new information about many of humanity’s preconceived notions in life and the universe we are living in. The foundations of this book traces back more than two decades ago. Rahn draws from his experience, extensive research, and acquired knowledge weaved together to form one cohesive read. Be pleased with the mixture of stories, essays, rants, research, discoveries, dialogues, tirades, metaphors, riddles, trivia, questions, answers, and cryptic passages as you read through this book. The Book of It is a compelling read and a must-have for your to-be-read list.


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