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Penny Higgins is the author of three children’s illustrated books, including Oscar the Mighty Crab.

Not everyone is destined to be a children’s book writer. It takes a certain commitment and imagination to tell kids stories, let alone put them into writing. But there are some who are able to continue childhood passion for telling narratives and eventually immortalized their narratives into published books. One of those authors is Penny Higgins. Today, let us get to know more about the woman behind at least three children’s illustrated books.

Penny Higgins is a retired teacher and a children’s book writer. She hails from Oregon. Penny Higgins received her teaching degree at Oregon College of Education in Monmouth, Oregon. The college is now a university and is more popularly known to us today as the Western Oregon University.

Penny Higgins’s passion for telling stories began when she was just a child. Around this time, Penny also developed a habit of writing stories. When she was only seven years old, Penny already started penning her own poems and lullabies. This passion would eventually lead to a career aside from teaching. After teaching for many years, Penny retired and embarked on another career just a few years ago. She began her literary journey and finally published her own children’s illustrated books. Penny Higgins has three published works under her name: The Jiger and the TiraffeThere’s a Bear in My Bed, and her latest work, Oscar the Mighty Crab.

Currently, the retired teacher and author resides in a small retirement community in her hometown in Oregon. She lives with her husband, Larry. The couple has two sons, five grandchildren, and a great-grandchild.

Published Works by Penny Higgins

Below are three children’s illustrated works by Higgins. The titles are in the order of year published.

There’s a Bear in My Bed (2010)

Penny Higgins’s first book is There’s a Bear in My Bed. Published in 2010, it consists of 24 pages. It tells the story of a kid who thinks that there might be a bear inside the bedroom. Penny Higgins uses animal characters to tell her stories, and in this one has a bear as one of the main characters. The book reminds us of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a classic children’s story. The book is a recommended read for children five to six years old.

The Jiger and the Tiraffe (2011)

The Jiger and the Tiraffe, is another 24-page children’s illustrated book designed for five to six-year-olds. Published in 2011, Penny’s second book is a story of two friends, a tiger named Jiger and a giraffe named Tiraffe. In the book, the friends discussed their fanciful origins and nature. Using poetry, Penny Higgins talks about God, faith, and the beauty of each creation. The Jiger and the Tirafe remind us that God loves children and that every one of us is special in His eyes. Jennifer Keen provided the illustrations for the book.

Oscar, The Mighty Crab (2018)

Oscar, The Mighty Crab, is perhaps the most celebrated of all the books by Penny Higgins. It is also her latest book. 

It was published in 2018 and contained twenty-six pages of colorful and wonderfully illustrated characters. The third book of Penny Higgins tells the story of a crab who lives in the ocean bay. The sea life of Oscar, the Mighty Crab, seems very peaceful, especially because he lives with family and friends. But in reality, Oscar considers the bay dull and, in fact, dreams of going to the “upper world” or the surface to enjoy the fun rides and the bright carnival rides. Despite the dangers and the waves hurling him back to the ocean, Oscar never gives up and hopes to one day fulfill his dream of reaching the surface. Like her other books, Oscar, The Mighty Crab is recommended for young readers up to 12 years old.

This year, Penny Higgins released her latest work. The fiction The Regimarilla Form Regimarzz was published by ReadersMagnet last January. Little is yet known about Penny Higgin’s latest masterpiece. However, if you want to know more about Penny Higgins and her published works, you can purchase a copy of the books or visit her author website today.


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