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ReadersMagnet presents Nelson J. Fowlkes, author of the book Overcoming Adversity: Resetting Goals.

Fowlkes’s Childhood and Background

Before forging a successful military career and outstanding business ventures, Nelson Fowlkes grew up to a splintered childhood, an adverse social and economic circumstance of inter-city life. He dreamed and struggled to acquire knowledge and education. One of his childhood dreams was to one day be able to travel. Young Nelson worked hard and kept his faith and trust in God. After years of sacrifice, diligence, perseverance, and self-determination, Nelson Fowlkes slowly achieved his dreams. He obtained graduate degrees in biochemistry and public administration and various certificates, including Professional Certificates in Gerontology and Conflict Resolution. As a biochemist, Nelson was given a chance to serve his country. He would go on to carve a twenty-year career in the United States Army Medical Service Corp before retiring as a Lt Colonel.

Second Career and Entrepreneurship

After serving his country as a biochemist and retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, Nelson Fowlkes embarked on a second career. He ventured into health care and worked hard to achieve success and recognition in the field of strategic marketing, planning, and health care administration. He brought his exceptional management skills with him and demonstrated them masterfully by establishing and managing nine (9) nine primary clinics in inter-cities of Los Angeles County. His extensive experience and outstanding accomplishments would later enable him to co-author a Corporate Health Risk Management System published in the Journal of Health Care Marketing.

One of Nelson J. Fowlkes’s most significant achievements was the design and creation of a Territorial Management System (TSS). It is an innovative approach applying traditional risk management to the health of an employee group. The Library of Congress issued a Certificate of Recognition for this fantastic accomplishment.

 ​Nelson Fowlkes’s entrepreneurial skills were demonstrated by creating Fowlkes Development Group, a healthcare consulting organization that focused on assisting medical centers in establishing Industrial Health Clinics. Nelson and his wife founded a travel agency called PJ’S Travel Connection, LLC. Its commitment includes helping clients obtain exceptional domestic and international travel experiences. 

Nelson Fowlkes and Mrs. Fowlkes have three grown children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. He currently resides in the East Bay City of Dublin, California. 

Overcoming Adversity: Resitting Goals

Overcoming Adversity: Resitting Goals is Nelson J. Fowlkes’s inspiring guide book which also serves as a memoir. It was published in 2019. The 98-page book features ideas on overcoming adversity, developing resilience, and achieving success amidst trials, rejections, and obstacles. It is a self-help book that aims to help readers pursue their life goals and purpose.

“What would you do to rise above unfavorable circumstances? This intriguing question is at the essence of the inspiring book, Overcoming Adversity. Rejections, setbacks, and obstacles may occur in employment, social interactions, or cultural differences. Your challenges may be frustrating and create anxiety and pain. Pain produces the desire for change that can be alleviated through faith, self-confidence, and perseverance.

Take an inspiring stroll with Nelson Fowlkes to review the appealing dynamic and insightful tactics, employed to achieve his goals and dreams, in spite of ever-changing barriers and setbacks. You will gain insight on how knowledge transformed his life and gave him courage to deal directly with the adversity or pursue alternative pathways.” (excerpt from book description)

Along with his business endeavors, community work, and published work, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Nelson J. Fowlkes has undoubtedly carved a great career and has impacted many people’s lives. We look forward to more success and published works.

To know more about Nelson Fowlkes and his book, you can buy a copy or visit his author’s website today.


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