Author Feature: Maureen E Hosier and Her Inspiring Book

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More often than not, we neglect the most important person in our lives, which happens to be ourselves, and that’s where Maureen E Hosier comes in to remind us of the value of self-love.

You’ll Do Anything for Her is a book that offers a new relationship perspective for her readers. It’s a book encouraging you to move forward and care for yourself as you read about yourself. Those who purchase Maureen’s book will undoubtedly reconnect and reignite their love for themselves.

But we won’t be talking about the book today. We’re all about Maureen at the moment. With that said, let’s get to know our featured author a bit better!

Who is Maureen E Hosier?

Maureen E Hosier is a licensed clinical psychologist based in Los Angeles. She excels in aiding people to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem in social, family, and workplace relationships.

The books that she has published, You’ll Do Anything for Her and You’ll Do Anything for Him, can also aid couples through rough patches in their relationship. Each book sets forth a framework of comprehension for individuals who wish to know why they don’t feel cared for or loved.

Aside from her book, Maureen also has a podcast that aims to help partners and individuals with a relationship that is no longer working emotionally. She provides them tools during the first session, even if her patient isn’t from her locality (she offers teleconsultation or “telehealth”). This is to help people learn how to halt the disastrous conflict they are currently going through.

She is there to accurately examine what is happening and why and advise people on what to do. Her goal is to help individuals be capable of taking responsibility for their emotional reactions and changing their behavior for the better.

What is Her Book of Love All About?

You’ll Do Anything for Her is a breakout self-help book that Maureen E Hosier wrote. She redefines the language of relationships and switches the focus to the readers, helping them reconnect and reignite their love for themselves. The book sets aside traditional labels to put the task of understanding oneself first.

Maureen’s book iterates that we all must understand what we’re truly feeling and thinking. She helps us answer questions like “Why is this style of relating not working for me?” and “Why am I the type of person to give myself up to keep the relationship working?”

As a licensed clinical psychologist, Maureen can offer a new perspective on connecting with other people (relationships) in her book. This new knowledge will emerge as you continue to learn about yourself in a new light. You’ll realize why you must do everything possible to please your significant other.

You’ll also learn that you’re not being authentic with yourself regarding the relationships you value. Another thing you’ll know is how to reconnect with the person you are. The book offers a win-win situation for readers who gaze upon its pages.

What Message Can People Get from Maureen E Hosier?

You’ll Do Anything for Her was mainly written to provide people with the answers to the things they don’t understand about themselves and their relationships.

If you’re currently in a situation where you can’t understand why the relationship doesn’t seem to be working for you, but it looks like it’s working splendidly for her, Maureen E Hosier can help you.

This stems from Maureen’s personal experience of wanting to understand what’s going on with her relationships. Here is a personal line from the author:

I realized at the age of 38 that I needed help to understand what was happening in my relationships. I wanted to know what was “wrong” with me that I kept looking to the outside for someone new while I was in a relationship.

Almost immediately I was shocked to learn that I had not been “growing” emotionally. I had been stuck emotionally doing the same thing over and over again.

This realization felt so right to me.

If you ever need a helping hand, Maureen E Hosier and her book are always here. Click here to grab a copy of the book today, and check out some of our other articles as well, where you can learn about healing your emotional and relationship pains!


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