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Mark Spell is the author of the book Fresh Fire: Spiritual Transitions That Lead to Total Man Rebirth.

Today, ReadersMagnet features an inspiring individual, a pastor, and an author whose dedication to preaching the Word of God is truly remarkable. In this day and age where there are many false ministries and preachers who chose convenience and their own interpretation of the Holy texts, it is assuring to know that there are still those who commit themselves to the true word and meaning of the Bible.

Mark L. Spell is a pastor, inspirational speaker, and author. He studied theology and received his bachelor’s degree from North Carolina Central University. He has an MBA degree from Florida Technical Institute. Mark L. Spell got his honorary doctorate in theology from Victory International College in Durham, North Carolina. In 1997, Mark started teaching and expounding on the Word of God as a pastor. He founded the Disciples of Christ Deliverance Ministries or the DOCDM. The DOCDM has come a long way since then. Mark L. Spell believes that God has blessed his God-given vision of “Changing Lives through Teaching and Prayer” and allowed its expansion to become Greater Life Christian Church in 2007. It has grown into numerous outreach programs serving Raleigh, Durham, and Wilson, North Carolina.

Marl L. Spell married Lillian H. Spell, and together they are blessed with four sons. His whole family is very supportive of Mark’s ministry. His wife, Lillian, is a co-pastor and reveals that,

“Holiness is definitely a lifestyle for him, and his desire to see others reach their full potential is always on his heart. He is a great example that God is still moving through his people in awesome ways.”

When not busy with his ministry and family, Mark L. Spell shares his time, energy, and wisdom for speaking engagements. He hopes to inspire people with the Word of God. For booking information, please call (919) 341-8483. You can also email your request to [email protected] or follow Pastor Spell on Facebook at

Fresh Fire: Spiritual Transitions That Lead to Total Man Rebirth

Last year was another milestone for the pastor and author Mark Spell. His debut book, Fresh Fire: Spiritual Transitions That Lead to Total Man Rebirth, is a spiritual guidebook published in December 2020. It was designed to help individuals or groups seek a more meaningful life and truly gain the true potential that God intends for each of us. Fresh Fire offers practical guides and invites readers to explore their faith and everyday relationship with God. The discussions in Fresh Fire on doctrine and biblical philosophies, are very enlightening, to say the least.

“When the enemy binds a man, one of the ways he goes about binding him is he works through the annals of familiarity to bind him in such a way that he cannot move forward to live out the creed and purpose in Christ that is to be birthed in his future and not his past.

Patience can serve as evidence of things not seen. Patience speaks to your behavior. Patience is not just sitting silently, but patience speaks to your response to the knowledge you have gathered as it concerns your position in life.

Anything born short of hope is a sustaining approach relationship with God. Our focus today is on believing God beyond just sustenance. We are now entering into a place that through hope, by faith, we have drawn the conclusion that God is going to sustain us because he has placed us where we are; and now, we are believing God beyond hope. I am going to believe beyond where I presently find myself.” (excerpt from the book)

As a pastor and as an author, Mark L. Spell has done a remarkable job so far in spreading the Word of God. Spell is helping Christians see through the lies and deceit of modern-day, self-proclaimed prophets who do not base their preaching on the Word of God. Mark L. Spell and his works deserve more recognition and praise. ReadersMagnet is proud to promote his books and other related materials.

To know more about Mark L. Spell, purchase a copy of his book, Fresh Fire: Spiritual Transitions That Lead to Total Man Rebirth, or visit his website today.


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