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Mara-lee Stricker is the author of the enlightening children’s book The Adventure of Cammy Lambie.

Mara-lee Stricker is a children’s book author of The Adventure of Cammy Lambie, first published in 2015. Her work has gained good reviews from parents and the Catholic Church. Hence, ReadersMagnet will take a closer look at the inspiring life of this remarkable writer.

Mara-lee Stricker

Mara-lee Stricker was born and raised in New York State. But upon her marriage, she moved to North Carolina and built her family. She was gifted with six amazing children and lived a happy, content life. Never did she think that she’d outgrow her east coast girl identity; now, she found herself calling Arizona her home. By 2012, life presented her with another gift. She was blessed with four grandsons who added another exciting aspect of her life.

Mara-lee loves to dabble in many forms of art, from painting, sketching to sewing, writing songs, and playing the guitar. All of these are woven through seasons in her life. And just recently, she’s exploring the depths of writing stories. She’s out working on books that may bring new delight to children while teaching them about God, faith, and everything in between.

The author is a proud Christian who follows along the path Jesus Christ took. Her devotion towards her faith is evident in her debut work The Adventure of Cammy Lambie. She aims for children to grow inquisitiveness of the systematic theology while having a fun, whimsical reading session.  Mara-lee strategically and playfully embedded doctrinal truths within the story to sow young readers’ curiosity for the One True God. Additionally, her book contains numerous symbolism, as any piece of art does with its creator; this allows readers to know a lot more about her.

At this moment, Mara-lee is busy creating content for her YouTube channel, Cammy Lambie. This channel is another means to sharing the good news alongside her children’s book character Cammy Lambie. Each video provides rich and profound biblical truths that children needs to learn. Her content is worthwhile to watch, for both parent and child, not only is she an entertaining speaker but an exciting storyteller of tales from the Scriptures.

Published Work

The Adventures of Cammy Lambie in The Place of the Big Blue Sky is a Christian children’s book by Mara-Lee Stricker follows the baby lamb, Cammy Lambie. This animal character and he family went to an amazing adventure of discovery like no one before. This work of art is a fantastic tool that breaks from the conventional way of educating kids about faith and religion. Mara-lee found an interesting narration style that cancels all distractions and nuisances, keeping children’s eyes glued to the pages.

Not only are you increasing your child’s comprehension, this book will raise a passionate theologians. Each page is formatted to highlight Catechism. Giving them a better look of the world around them in which God intricately designed for everyone’s enjoyment and His glory.

This short read is a wonderful retelling of how Jesus is to all of us. Readers will find this book very light and enjoyable. It’s simple yet whimsical wording will certainly captivate and entice children to read the story over and over again. So, it comes to no surprise that parents and pastors alike found this an awesome book. The Studio Director of Apologia Studios even noted Mara-lee’s amazing skill for wrapping up basic biblical orthodoxy in one short, beautiful story. The Adventures of Cammy Lambie in The Place of the Big Blue Sky is a warm treasure that every parent must have in their homes.

To know more about the author visit her website or purchase her book. Learn more about God with Cammy Lambie via her youtube channel.


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