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ReadersMagnet presents LaPrele P. Jordan, author of the inspiring memoir, My Spiritual Journey.

Our faith and our spiritual journey are always about learning and self-discovery. Today, we will get to know LaPrele P. Jordan and her inspiring journey of learning, self-discovery, and remarkable spiritual journey.

LaPrele’s Childhood

LaPrele P. Jordan was born and raised in the Mormon church, and she loved it very much. LaPrele’s father was well-read in the scriptures. He would spend many hours telling his children stories from the scriptures and sharing stories about his life. Her father gave a strong foundation to a young LaPrele, who wanted to know more about Jesus and His journey. His own spiritual journey was quite rich and inspiring to the young girl.

When LaPrele was only six months old, her mother got sick. Her Half-sister Flossie took her in and cared for her until her mom recovered. Her sister really loved Laprele. By that time, her mom was okay, LaPrele’s sister was already attached to LaPrele and couldn’t let her go. Flossie died two months before LaPrele turned five, so she went back to her family. LaPrele considered those early years as essential for her success as a person and as a mother. 

LaPrele and her family had to deal with trials back home, and their home was not happy. Nonetheless, they all tried and persevered, and it made LaPrele stronger. His father continued to teach her a lot of things. Around this time, he began teaching his daughter about the Communist conspiracy and the dark dangers of the said ideology. By the time LaPreles graduated high school, she already knew many things that children her age did not. She did not stop learning about all the corruption as I reached adulthood. LaPrele embraced the truth of the scriptures, and there was no way I could deny what God says. She could not deny the scriptures. Therefore, LaPrele was excommunicated from the Mormon church.

Her Family and Faith

LaPrele P. Jordan got married and had ten children. But because of irreconcilable differences, their marriage fell apart, and she got divorced from her first husband and the father of her children. It was one of the most challenging times of her life. She also got ill. But because of the love and support of her family, her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, she was able to overcome the challenges. As for her faith and her journey afterward, LaPrele happily recounts,

“I was able to find a place to attend church in Manti, TLC. I loved being there because they taught Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. The Mormon church has gone way astray from the teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. I learned a lot in TLC and met the love of my life. We were married and spent nine happy years together before he passed. We were on the same page in almost every way. TLC was good for a few years, then went south. We left and waited a few years, then found the Johannine church. It was more Christ-oriented, and I really appreciate all the teachings I received there. Then came the time when they wanted me to deny Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and I couldn’t do that because I had already received the witness of their truthfulness. So I left. I studied scripture with a friend every Sunday, and one day she asks me if I’d heard Denver Snuffer speak. She said, “He is somebody!” I had never even heard his name. She said she had three of his books and wanted to know if I’d like to read them. Of course, I would! That’s when I found where I really wanted to be. He does not deviate from the scriptures…EVER! And he is very close to Christ. I moved from Manti to Highland so I could attend fellowships that focused on his teachings and the scriptures.”

My Spiritual Journey

My spiritual Journey is a 2018 inspirational memoir by LaPrele Jordan, an 83-year old author who shares her extraordinary faith journey. In her book, LaPrele P. Jordan talked about her upbringing in the Mormon church, her time in the Johannine faith, and then returning to the Mormon faith in a different capacity. My Spiritual Journey by LaPrele P. Jordan is a 58-page book full of insight, wisdom, integrity, and one person’s rollercoaster ride of experiences and journey of faith.

To know more about LaPrele P. Jordan and her book, you can buy a copy and visit her website today.


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