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Judith Wright Favor is the author of the unique book Sabbath Economics.

Since the later part of the last century, we have seen spiritual, and self-help books cover physical, financial, and career growth discussions. Counselors and spiritual gurus have come to recognize that personal growth and well-being means demands a comprehensive approach to an individual’s daily experience. It includes his or her environment, livelihood, political beliefs, daily routine, the people he or she interacts with on a daily basis as his or her economic status. All these contribute to his disposition, outlook, and core values. The book Sabbath Economics: A Spiritual Guide to Linking Love with Money is a unique book that covers a personal narrative on one’s spiritual journey, a memoir, and a collection of stories that guide readers on organizing their finances and live a more comfortable life. Today, we will learn more about the author behind this excellent book.

Judith Wright Favor

Judith Wright Favor is an author, teacher, spiritual counselor, and pilot. In 1970, Favor joined the Writer’s Flock. She challenged Richard Bach to include females in the all-male (book titled) Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Bach responded by urging her to take up writing herself. Bach then named a seagull after her.

Judith Wright Favor credits her mother for her values and outlook in life. She learned to listen from her and to listen to all sorts of people with kindness and respect. For more than fifty years, Judith Wright Favor has been involved with spiritual seekers. She guides people in writing for positive change, especially during these challenging times. Favor’s passion for her faith, poetic language, and contemplative practice inspired the unique insights into the interrelationship between love and money featured in her book Sabbath Economics: A Spiritual Guide to Linking Love with Money.

Judith Wright Favor is a passionate advocate for attentive approaches to faith and finance. These approaches counter the influence of consumer culture or mindset that is rampant in today’s American society. Part of Judith Wright Favor’s advocacy includes teaching the power of silence to shape behavior and culture.

Sabbath Economics: A Spiritual Guide to Linking Love with Money 

Sabbath Economics: A Spiritual Guide to Linking Love with Money is the complete title of Judith Wright Favor’s 2020 spiritual guide book that focuses on finance and improving one’s outlook. Favor’s refreshing insights and wisdom are told via stories and personal narratives.

“Sabbath Economics (the ‘mother book’) is a combination of how-to, memoir, and journey of personal and spiritual growth. The writing style is informal, conversational, and occasionally intimate. Judith Favor offers inventive ideas to support readers in exploring new approaches to old difficulties. Contemplative money management involves a shift from head-centered control to soul-centered attentiveness. Calling upon your Inner Guide is an art anyone can learn, for all of us know the power of meaning and purpose when it touches us. Stories explore themes of slowing, owing, owning, consuming, sharing, neighboring, and belonging. Practices support giving full attention to our true selves, our dearest ones, our hurting planet, and our Sacred Source. Attention is a pure form of generosity. Increasing attentiveness is a core value brought forth in these pages.” (book description)

Other Published Works

Judith Wright Favor has published six non-fiction books, including Silent Voices (2014), The Edgefielders: Tales of a Poor Farm Great-Grandmother (2013), and Spirit Awakening: A Book of Practices (1988). She also wrote a novel in 2017, The Beacons of Larkin Street. The book is the first of a trilogy that highlights pioneering women church leaders in San Francisco during the 1970s. 

This year, Page Publishing will release her upcoming book, Friending Rosie: Respect on Death Row, which she co-wrote with Rosie Alfaro. 

Judith Wright Favor also writes articles for various faith-based publications. She also does book reviews focused on the work of many leading (and lesser-known) authors. Judith Wright Favor’s platform includes leading courses and retreats with Spirituality and Practice, Stillpoint, Ghost Ranch Conference Center, Alternatives to Violence programs in six California prisons, Claremont School of Theology, Ben Lomond Quaker Center, Friends General Conference, and Pacific Center for Spiritual Renewal. She is also affiliated with numerous churches, faith-based social-change groups, and a few retirement communities.


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