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Jo Totty is the author of several amazing books, including the 2021 thriller The Secret of Jerry’s Pride.

Mystery Thrillers as a literary genre has dramatically evolved and expanded over the last three decades. It has incorporated several elements such as technology, forensics, new age, and even science fiction elements. Yet, some continue to write classic mystery thrillers and have done so successfully over the years. These are suspenseful narratives that involve a simple yet efficient story plot, not too complex characters, and a pure thrilling ride from start to finish. One of the authors who have been consistent with her craft in this genre is Jo A. Totty. Today, we will take a close look at her background and her list of published works.

Jo A. Totty

Author Jo Totty lives a private life. She dedicated most of her years working for the local Education Department. Her literary journey began after she retired. Totty wrote and published her first novel almost two decades ago, in 2006. The rest, as they say, is history. The year 2008 was an exceptional and productive year for Jo. That year she released her second and third novel- Secrets at the End of Whispers Lane and A Stranger in Town (not to be confused with the 1943 film of the same title). More than a decade after her last masterpiece, Totty released her most recent work, The Secret of Jerry’s Pride, released early this year. Today, at age 84, Totty’s love for literature is very much alive. When not writing or doing other stuff, she spends her time reading. She still reads every day and manages to finish a book or two every week.

List of Works

Jo A. Totty is most known for her collection of mystery thrillers. Over the course of two decades, she has published four remarkable novels that suspense thriller fans will surely love. Below are her published works and their official book descriptions:

The Elusive Toad (2006)

The Elusive Toad is a story about a small Southern town during the nineteen thirty’s. A peaceful place suddenly becomes a place filled with murder and mystery. It began when William Smitz built a mansion for his bride-to-be. They were to be married at the mansion, with the people from Brairsville attending the wedding. As Louise came down the stairs, a shot rang out, and she fell down the stairs, shot through the heart. That was only the beginning of the murders and mysteries Sheriff Booth and Deputy Bob had to solve. Would the murderer be someone they knew?

A Stranger In Town (2008)

Southern towns are quiet, peaceful places to live. It’s a place where everybody knows everybody. Will Walker came to Beaverville, a small, quiet, southern town, to research material for a new book he was going to write. Little did he know that not only would he find a haunted house, but also murder around every corner. He found much, much more than he had anticipated. When the Sheriff started to investigate, lives were put in danger. The whole town became terrified when one of their own disappeared.

Secrets at the End of Whispers Lane (2008)

When the Barton family bought the old Brown farm, weird things began to happen, and at night, strange noises could be heard. In the backyard, there was a small cottage where the door was padlocked – and the windows boarded up. What did the strange farmhand know about the cottage that terrified him so much? What secrets did the old household have?

The Secret of Jerry’s Pride (2021)

A small, quiet, peaceful, Southern town where nothing ever happens becomes a place that is filled with fear. A stranger moves into town, and strange things begin to happen, especially to a prominent family. Then one thing after another begins to take place, which will forever change the lives of the townspeople. 


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