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Jean Archambault-White’s Eloise of Westhaven is a fine young adult fiction full of faith, optimism, and love.

Modern Young Adult Fiction

Modern young adult fiction is said to have started with Susan Eloise Hinton’s The Outsiders in 1967. The novel features the realistic side of adolescent life. In the 1980s, more books with darker themes such as rape, suicide, and death saw commercial success and a cult following. The young adult fiction genre would soon evolve into a wider classification, covering fantasy, mystery fiction, and romance novels among others. Young adult fiction is essential in creating a soft transition between children’s novels and more mature works of literature.

Books like the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins are two successful YA fiction works in recent history. Most young adult fiction books deal with friendship, first love, relationship, and finding one’s identity. The novels feature specific challenges of growing up. One modern author writes about a female character facing the challenges and realities of adulthood. Eloise of Westhaven by Jean Archambault-White is a coming-of-age novel that deals with finding one’s place in the world after losing everything you hold dear. The book is divided into two volumes. Book one introduces readers to a teenage orphan named Eloise Jackson. The second book tells the story of Eloise’s adult and romantic life. Eloise of Westhaven reminds readers of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and Eleanor H. Porter’s Pollyanna.

Jean Archambault-White

Jean Archambault-White was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She started writing at age fourteen and was first published at age fifteen. Jean Archambault-White has had over thirty years of experience in writing and editing multiple genres. She has published a total of four books and is now working on a fifth book. Apart from being a writer, Jean Archambault-White also has a background in the creative arts (writing, directing, and acting). 

Simple Faith

Published in 2007, Simple Faith is Archambault-White is a wonderful book about faith and God, written in a language that is easy to understand. Simple Faith takes readers on a journey through the Word of God. It serves as a handbook for those who need encouragement and for those who want to build their faith in God. Simple Faith is also a testimony of one woman’s inspiring journey of faith. Simple Faith is a semi-biographical book written to encourage others to explore their faith and especially their purpose for life.

Eloise of Westhaven: Not Just a Kid

The first of two volumes, Eloise of Westhaven: Not Just a Kid follows the story of young Eloise Jackson, an orphaned teenager. Her family perished after a series of hardships and misfortunes. She is taken in by a loving family- the Cravits. Witty, charming, and armed with a strong work ethic, Eloise rebuilds her life and started working as a nanny of the wealthy mayor’s two difficult children. Just as Eloise’s life is making progress, she discovers a secret plan by a gang of outlaws. Jean Archambault-White’s Not Just a Kid is a light adventure read with thrilling subplots.

Eloise of Westhaven: Love is Patient

Volume two of Eloise of Westhaven follows Eloise Jackson now settling into her new position- governess to the mayor’s two children- Elizabeth and Buck. Eloise continues to win the hearts of the children. The book also reveals the growth of the American West and Eloise’s engagement to David Cravits. Overall, Eloise of Westhaven: Love is Patient is a delightful read about how God is present in Eloise’s life as well as the lives of the people around her. Filled with beauty, values, and inspiration, Archambault’s second book of the Eloise Jackson saga is a truly joyful read.


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