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Jack D. Weaver is an author, a father, a grandfather, and a retired chiropractor.

Jack D. Weaver is a happy father of five and a proud grandfather of eight. He likes to enjoy God’s creation, working with his hands, and having a good laugh; he has pursued these pleasures in hobbies that include photography, fly tying, woodworking, leatherwork, and writing. He always remembers God’s faithfulness rather than her forgetfulness in his book. He is an inspiration to everyone who is also suffering from the same illness. This makes Jack motivated and inspired not to leave Jane on her side. He keeps telling what he vowed during their wedding “until death do us part. “ 

Moreover, Weaver is a retired chiropractor of forty-three years, who was an experienced healthcare professional that cares for a patient’s neuromusculoskeletal system — the bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. He helps manage back and neck pain by using spinal adjustments to maintain good alignment. Chiropractic focuses on the body’s ability to self-heal and includes other treatments like nutrition and exercise.

Battling with Alzheimer’s

As people grow old and join the elderly community, many changes arise; some involve health-related issues. People grow and make memories throughout their lifetime, but sadly there is a condition that erases them all. It is called Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is the most common form of dementia. Unfortunately, unlike other forms of dementia, Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that involves memory loss, language, and thought, which can seriously affect a person’s ability to carry out daily activities.

Along with the patient, the patient’s family has to deal with a lot of stress daily. It is not only the patient who lives with Alzheimer’s disease but also their family members. The family of the patients who have Alzheimer’s disease needs to be very supportive towards the patient. Most people who suffer from this disease cannot handle or manage the tasks that need to be done regularly. They need to seek help from others mandatorily in walking, sitting, standing, and many more. The author Jack D. Weaver is not exempted from this ordeal. Where he wrote a book entitled “Going…Going…The Abduction of a Mind”, which conveys their fifteen years of journey as a couple battling against the devastating disease that someone might consider as a guide in living with Alzheimer’s. 

In his book, Dr. Weaver presents the struggles and challenges and the happy moments of his wife’s illness progression. You would genuinely appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the relationship that these two had with each other. It encourages you as you go through life, not knowing what God may allow you to be tried by, as He gives you grace and strength to handle anything.

More of Weaver

To know more about Weaver, you can check out his book reading videos posted on YouTube. Jack joined the online Storyteller Festival in 2021, featuring his book “Going…Going…The Abduction of a Mind.” John is one of the audience’s favorites for online storytelling. He can light up the group’s imagination with his energetic tellings of legends and laughter for all ages! Parents and educators have called John “delightful,” “energetic,” “fantastic,” “terrific and engaging!” 

Virtual storytelling is unique and here to stay! Bring your big questions and share your ideas and proven methods when you join Jack. You can also get together with others to create the future of storytelling. It does not matter what sector you come from or your age; share how you have adapted and changed as a storyteller, artist, teacher, healer, business person, leader, producer, student, or preacher.


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